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2018 Honda Fit Sport Quick Spin Test Drive Exterior

2018 Honda Fit Sport Quick Spin Test Drive Exterior watch video online

2018 Honda Fit Sport Quick Spin Test Drive Exterior by Mr NewsCarrelease Which will brings us to the Fit, which given the size increase of the Civic is probably the closest analogue to the pre-2001 Civics in the lineup. Yes, a great deal has evolved. 2018 honda fit sport Theres no rod-actuated shift linkage, and it can got MacPherson struts up front with a twist-beam semi-independent rear end. honda fit cargo That money saved is applied to 2018 honda things the drivers can appreciate constantly, like comfy seats and a touchscreen infotainment system that would have dropped oral cavity in an Acura in 1998 -- as well as expensive things under the skin, like safetybags, a much beefier lock up structure, and the you ) 5-liter Earth Dreams engine. 2018 honda fit While some high-trim versions of the Social got VTEC (like the D16 SOHC VTEC in EX trims, or the efficiency-oriented VTEC-E system in the HX in 6th generation Civics), the Soil Dreams engine is much more complex. honda fit review Instead of multi-point port injection, the engine uses direct shot. Moreover, the valvetrain is much more complex. Is actually DOHC, for one, and utilizes the latest version of i-VTEC which includes continually variable cam phasing on both intake and exhaust cams, and also variable intake lift. These kinds of systems can be very expensive, as are tuning them to meet modern-day emissions and efficiency standards. On the other hand, the 130 horse power (at 6, 600 RPM) and 114 pound-feet of torque (at 4, six-hundred RPM) the Fit makes bests the 1996 Social EXs once laudable statistics with a fair border. That car made 127 hp (6, 600 RPM) and a measly 107 lb-ft (5, 500 RPM) -- which peak rpm came 900 RPM later than the Fits. A sixth-generation coupe weighed just 2, 342 pounds, while the Fit is significantly bulkier -- 2, 522 pounds. Those extra pounds can be explained by the much more rigorous safety equipment requirements. subcribe now 1.2018 Kia Rio vs Honda Fit Comparison: Which Subcompact Hatchback Is Better? 2.Review: Does a 69 Man Really Fit in a New 2018 Kia Rio? 3. 2018 Kia Rio Review with UVO Telematics Test - Best Value Compact Car Music:
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