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Car vs. Bike; Nissan GTR vs. 2017 Suzuki GSX-R1000

Car vs. Bike; Nissan GTR vs. 2017 Suzuki GSX-R1000 watch video online

The latest in the car worlds attempt to beat the bike and this time they have brought out the big guns and taken away all the corners. Were at a drag strip with Nissans mighty GTR and two of Suzukis road burners; the Hyabusa, which is made for straight-line speed and the brand new GSX-R1000, which would excel in the corners....if there were any! The car guys are pretty confident and we might be a bit worried but we arent going to show it.
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Comments (18)
gary g # 7 february 2018 in 16:00 0
love the guy at the end....a big "L"
Celtic Warrior # 7 february 2018 in 16:01 0
I love my Gixxer 1000 R... but mine is all black with blue rims and some small mods.. so much fun in the canyons and it is pretty comfortable for a sport bike.. absolutely love it. Of course the H2R I think looks better but it can’t beat the handling of the gixxer 1000 and who really needs to go 300 plus MPH..LOL..
Rossrful # 7 february 2018 in 16:06 0
I have respect for both car and bike alike. Of course something designed to carry 4 people in safety with air conditioning when compared to a bike will have a massive disadvantage but when corners are involved or indeed the ultimate test of true world performance the Nurburgring where are the advantages? There are no production bikes anywhere near the fastest times? Also another point worth noting is that in a straight line some production cars can do consistently times of 2.5secs to 100kph so in real world environments a production bike or more importantly “its rider” would struggle to consistently keep up.
RED MOBILE uk # 7 february 2018 in 16:08 0
100 in 3 seconds hahaha yeah right
I help anytime # 7 february 2018 in 16:08 0
R35: 0-200 km/h in 10 seconds.
GSX-R1000: 0-200 km/h in 6 seconds.

R.I.P car.
adrian c # 7 february 2018 in 16:11 0
at 6.34 the guy is still sitting who is driving the nissan gtr
Auttie B # 7 february 2018 in 16:12 0
Shame shame shame, like the new Gixer but it's too heavy, Yami R1 for me
Payton Myers # 7 february 2018 in 16:15 0
Did this idiot just say he could do 100 in under 3 seconds?
TheChamp 101 # 7 february 2018 in 16:15 0
12sec??? Bring the 720s.
ITSALLA PACKOFLIES # 7 february 2018 in 16:18 0
A Datsun I nearly pissed my self. Good one.
CANYON KILLER # 7 february 2018 in 16:23 0
ah god there's a car hear lol
terry lafauci # 7 february 2018 in 16:28 0
in my best American Voice, what the fuck is a Newton meter?
Simon Templecombe # 7 february 2018 in 16:31 0
This show is 80% waffle 20% bike's.
MrFriday00 # 7 february 2018 in 16:36 0
actually, the car guy's mistake here was bringing​ an R35 to race against a litre bike at a drag strip. the R35 would have had a real chance of beating the bikes around a race track with its monstrous amount of grip i reckon
sbkpilot11 # 7 february 2018 in 16:38 0
lmao! I own an open class bike, I don't think people realize just how insane the acceleration is on these bikes, the 1000s available today are just absolute beasts!

I'm actually surprised that he wants a straight line match, it's usually the other way around... throw in some corners and the car may win simply because it's much more difficult to ride a bike fast than it is a car.
MICKY MOUSE # 7 february 2018 in 16:38 0
next Race pls gsxr1000 vs Eurofighter Roll Race or flyrace that will be interesting
Chris Martin # 7 february 2018 in 16:41 0
I watched a vid of a Ducati Superleggera pull away and beat a P1, zero to 150mph. It was close, both bike and care were factory stock.
vaajchang # 7 february 2018 in 16:44 0
bye godzilla