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My Brand New Car! 2017 Mustang GT

My Brand New Car! 2017 Mustang GT watch video online

*incoming mustang jokes detected* dont run over pedestrians RIP Crowds Crowd killer *incoming whining/moaning over an auto trans detected* Manuals are better Manuals are more fun to drive Should have got a manual Since I already took the liberty and already typed out some mustang jokes and moaning about having an auto trans, theres no need to remind me in the comments. This is what i wanted so i dont care what anyone has to say UNLESS someone else has money to buy me a car but until then, shut up. I still have the V6 stang and im not going to get rid of her until she blows up or worse..The new stang is in its break in period, no RPMs over 3k and im not going to beat on it up just because (thats why im not flooring it and revving the piss out of it like a moron) IF anyone is wondering, the GoPro shot at the end actually has the dashcam audio substituted in since all the audio from the GoPro was just windnoise....
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