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Cooking with Habanero Peppers

Cooking with Habanero Peppers watch video online

Mexico One Plate at a Time with Rick Bayless visits the El Yucatan habanero processing plant in Yucatan, prepares pot roast with banana peepers and ripe plantain as one of the ingredients.
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Comments (12)
Jamie Burke # 21 october 2014 in 12:31 0
nice. get a hand juicer for those citrus fruits man. and a cutting board. but awesome. 
chris eaker # 21 october 2014 in 12:33 0
add cucumber it gives it a great flavor.. i like to roast one tomato as well...
MountAnalogue # 21 october 2014 in 12:33 0
Garlic, onion, beans please.
Trinii1 # 21 october 2014 in 12:35 0
Love you Pepper Sauce recipe. 
Ripp Tide # 21 october 2014 in 12:40 0
What's the point of cooking it, it kills the anti oxidants right?
Tom Son # 21 october 2014 in 12:41 0
nice Gasstove :-)
Alberto Sanchez # 21 october 2014 in 12:44 0
This is really crazy how many habaneros chillis you use.And it's coming from a Mexican guy who can handle really hot sauces.My own personal recipe for making a habanero sauce is the following: About 8 habanero chillis About 8 -10 Roma tomatoes ( depending how hot you want your sauce). 2 garlics -Roast everything on a skillet on low about 10-15 min. ( covered) .Make sure to keep an eye on it and shake the skillet every now and then everything can get roastec evenly. -While waitting ...Chop about half of red onion, half of bush cilantro. -once your chillis, tomatoes and garlic are roasted. -Put all all the above together into a blender to mix , About a minute or so ( including the onion and cilantro). - Once done put the sauce in a bowl or jar ...And ADD 2 squeeze lemons to the sauce, Along with as much salt to your taste. -Let it sit and cool off about an hour and then it will be ready to eat or store in the frig. 
Hashmountain # 21 october 2014 in 12:49 0
I don't cook my sauce except for the onions and garlic but to each his own. : -)
Brandon Johnson # 21 october 2014 in 12:54 0
How much sauce did this make?
joei1382 # 21 october 2014 in 12:59 0
Not bad for a really runny hot sauce.
29render # 21 october 2014 in 13:02 0
Leaving mine raw
29render # 21 october 2014 in 13:04 0
Looks good!