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GAF Cooking: Healthy Taco Salad

GAF Cooking: Healthy Taco Salad watch video online

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Comments (20)
googleiscomplicated # 21 october 2014 in 13:34 0
That is not healthy food, it is shit from a fucking can and greasy fatty fried meat with a veggie garnish,
AccForFun2012 # 21 october 2014 in 13:36 0
10:12 LMAO! Good video Chris! Keep 'em coming! :)
MzCAGOMEA # 21 october 2014 in 13:41 0
Lol. You are hilarious!!
adriano rizzo # 21 october 2014 in 13:45 0
its so much more accurate measuring before you cook it i dno what he was trying to say there 4:50 haha honestly man theres so much more variation due to evaporation of water in the meat... come on +PhysiquesOfGreatness you know thats not right haha PT to PT 
kongo mongo # 21 october 2014 in 13:48 0
this is one crazi nigga, but hes damn smart :D
trancer bancer # 21 october 2014 in 13:48 0
Like the way how you talk xD HAHAHAHA
BroScience Bodybuilding # 21 october 2014 in 13:53 0
awesome tip -- use plain greek yogurt instead of sour cream. BAM! 
Imran Elmhassani # 21 october 2014 in 13:55 0
Vince g
WavyCrocket # 21 october 2014 in 13:57 0
Walter White # 21 october 2014 in 14:00 0
you can also.... use whole beans, (reduced sodium) and wash them with water lime juice on the rice jalapenos make it good you can get cheaper beef, 73-27 etc, cook it and then put in a strainer to filter the cooked out fat, press the remaining fat out
Handsome Vlad # 21 october 2014 in 14:01 0
Hellalean Beef..
Marco Rodriguez # 21 october 2014 in 14:04 0
I like how loud and excited Chris gets! " 28 ehh 29 DAMN!!" Lol "this shit right here nigga!!!!" Lmao!! 
Icyhot1995 # 21 october 2014 in 14:09 0
what kind of food scale do you use?
Samuel Bruce # 21 october 2014 in 14:13 0
I made a taco salad with almost the same ingredients and it is GAF! Mine was a little extra because J just used regular cheddar cheese and refried beans.
Allan Phells # 21 october 2014 in 14:18 0
Can I eat this in a bulk?
Shaun Aaron # 21 october 2014 in 14:23 0
Salt is the only thing I don't track cuz I'm black. I needs my salt
dariolo # 21 october 2014 in 14:23 0
yo chef jones how to cook black beans?bought them for the first time.. Bout to make some NICE rice with them and some chicken breasts and salad and some sour cream, maybe some onions(i bet you yellin out now :YO Denise how to cook black beans? putem in a microwave or water or what??)anyway keep the hustle up my man hustle hard!
Hejuk # 21 october 2014 in 14:24 0
i just subsitute rice for lettuce as i am low carb, GAF!
CommonSenseMeasures # 21 october 2014 in 14:24 0
What do you use for tortilla chips?
GrimeXpress # 21 october 2014 in 14:27 0
What does GAF stand for