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100 Years of Japanese Fashion | Glamour

100 Years of Japanese Fashion | Glamour watch video online

Take a look back at the last century and a half of Japanese fashion. From hand-painted silk kimonos and avante-garde designer clothes by Rei Kawakubo and Yohji Yamamoto, to Harajuku street fashion trends like Goth Lolita and Fairy Kei, watch the transformation of Japanese fashion over the decades. Still haven’t subscribed to Glamour on YouTube? ►► ABOUT GLAMOUR Glamour is for the woman who sets the direction of her own life and lives it to its fullest and chicest. The dream job, the perfect look, the right guy: All are in her reach. Glamour makes them reality. Its inspiration, ideas and guidance help her conquer her world with confidence and style. Glamour is your guide to career and lifestyle advice. Discover the latest fashion trends, hairstyles, beauty tips, celebrity news, inspirational videos, and relationship & sex advice. 100 Years of Japanese Fashion | Glamour
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Comments (20)
VanillaXOXO62 # 14 april 2018 in 20:02 0
Since I actually do live in Japan and have been raised here I can say that this is inaccurate and kind of offensive
shikkakyuu # 14 april 2018 in 20:06 0
im kind of sad that they didnt feature Yami-Kawaii Lolita, but hey, gothic lolita fashion was included so im not complaining
Erika Karisawa # 14 april 2018 in 20:11 0
Why Goth Lolita? Classic and Sweet are more well known.
Erika Karisawa # 14 april 2018 in 20:11 0
Why are they referring to Lolita/Goth Lolita in past tense? It's still a very popular fashion, both in Japan and globally.
Uma Gunnarsen # 14 april 2018 in 20:16 0
Omg lol Amaryllis Yamamoto confirmed xD
Jenna Ryan # 14 april 2018 in 20:21 0
3:40 those shoes tho..
MegaKaitouKID1412 # 14 april 2018 in 20:22 0
You barely did anything here. It hardly qualifies as a hundred years of fashion.
katrina # 14 april 2018 in 20:26 0
imagine walking on the streets and people just casually wearing wings tho
Tara N # 14 april 2018 in 20:28 0
Forgot mori kei. Great style around the 2000s
yeet beet # 14 april 2018 in 20:33 0
I visit japan every year to see my relatives and most japanese girls just wear the whole "art hoe" aesthetic, if you know what I mean. With wider pants and stuff.
L G # 14 april 2018 in 20:34 0
The japanese went through a celestia ludenburg phase.
Jessica The air conditioner # 14 april 2018 in 20:39 0
My favourite is probably fairy kei I LOVE ITTTT
Alida van Veen # 14 april 2018 in 20:43 0
All I can say is... That escalated quickly
Black panther And white cats # 14 april 2018 in 20:44 0
I love the goth lolita too!
Its kawaii, and i love black
thewut sister # 14 april 2018 in 20:49 0
i think they need a hatsune miku style here
Insanity Tv # 14 april 2018 in 20:49 0
Unicorn :3 Life # 14 april 2018 in 20:49 0
Soy la única que habla español y esta viendo este video ¿
Eden’s vlogs! # 14 april 2018 in 20:54 0
Omg can they do Albanian or British fashion?!
Picoolo :v # 14 april 2018 in 20:56 0
Su cabeza parece paracas
Fluffboat Sheep # 14 april 2018 in 20:58 0
I love the harajuku style it’s my favourite!!