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What should you do if your friend is always copying your style?
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Comments (20)
Alma Gonzalez # 12 january 2018 in 20:04 0
1:51 that awkward clap
Adwoa Tum-Tum # 12 january 2018 in 20:05 0
The last women’s issue really says something about some if not all women...we love strategically. She wants to be with someone who she knows would keep her family not wanting. Some people might call it gold digging but it is what it is
Chassidy Douglas # 12 january 2018 in 20:05 0
That jacket is fabulous
Victor Rodrigues # 12 january 2018 in 20:07 0
I hate when gay people are so competitive and this "how you zoing" attitude, labels whores... So obnoxious.
Tokyoo Gatewood # 12 january 2018 in 20:10 0
3rd chick.....& this is why we got hoes..... the dude is engaged, don't matter what he's doing, what matters is you mind yo business & tell him to mind his. Maaan women don't respect women & their positions anymore. If you're engaged & someone is messing with YOUR man, no matter what the bastard is doing, heffa Youza hoe! & that bastard needs to be dropped. Homegirl need to give back that ring & let him do himself... this is why us women have trust issues. Stupid males. What's the point of asking for a fiancé/Wife if you're not going to treat her with the proper respect as a human being, a woman, & as your significant other.... stupid question, stupid chick, & stupid dude....
Wilken TV # 12 january 2018 in 20:13 0
That first guy needs his own show
The Youtube Scoop # 12 january 2018 in 20:16 0
taufiq teo # 12 january 2018 in 20:21 0
sorry but the guy has very poor fashion sense! cringe much
Amal Amal # 12 january 2018 in 20:26 0
Morgan looks like that actress/model I forgot her name... with the big boobs , you know
Sidelle Sydney # 12 january 2018 in 20:28 0
I️ know the first guyyyyyyyyy
Tyler Tamez # 12 january 2018 in 20:30 0
what is that outfit?
astride michel # 12 january 2018 in 20:35 0
the first guy sounds like Jessica Dime
LuvJayallday # 12 january 2018 in 20:36 0
I just want to know who lied to Michael lol who liiiieeed to him
Gregory Vierra # 12 january 2018 in 20:36 0
That first guy is awesome.
CHEKENYENYE # 12 january 2018 in 20:37 0
Aaaaahhh Gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
Chyna Lanier # 12 january 2018 in 20:40 0
Bro that’s cousin he betta work
Pej Peeves # 12 january 2018 in 20:41 0
Is so annoying Gays like this one keep feeding the stereotype.
NOT all gay men are like this people!
Yasmin Jamaal # 12 january 2018 in 20:44 0
I'm here again watching over again because of Michael.
Claudia RoTo # 12 january 2018 in 20:46 0
everyone hating on the 3rd girl like shes playing this silly game alone . she should make that move and take that awful guy with her, start a "come up" life with him knowingly hes a liar and save the actual fiance from her awful fate with this dude. hes trash
:::LeslieQueen # 12 january 2018 in 20:47 0
Doctors a come up ?? GIRL what tell me u can’t be this stupid lmao