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How To Live a HEALTHY LIFESTYLE! My Health Routine!

How To Live a HEALTHY LIFESTYLE! My Health Routine! watch video online

This video is in partnership with Head & Shoulders! Check out their Head & Shoulders Smooth and Silky Shampoo and Conditioner: Twitter: YouTube: Whats one of your health routine steps? Comment down below! Dont forget to SUBSCRIBE for new videos every SATURDAY! I hope yall found this video helpful. Its very different than anything Ive ever done and thats because I wanted to talk about some things that arent directly associated with clean eating or fitness. Even though your workout routine and clean diet play and important role in your health, there are some other things that affect it too! Products used in video: Bioderma Cleansing Water: Milk Sunshine Face Oil: Khiels Creme de Corps Oil and Lotion: Here is a playlist with all my workout videos!: SOCIAL MEDIA • instagram - @haileysani • snapchat - @haileybpl • twitter - @berrypinklips • tumblr - thegoldensouls • vlog channel - • facebook - • depop - @haileysani If youre a company interested in working with me, or collaborating on a video, feel free to email me at haileysani@gmail.com. love you all to pluto and back, Hailey
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therealgv # 6 december 2017 in 16:07 0
Milena Abilova # 6 december 2017 in 16:12 0
Awesome video! Love watching healthy, happy, and inspiring people.
Evelyn Valdes # 6 december 2017 in 16:16 0
why did she take the shampoo to the gym if she’s showering at her house LOL
Morgansaurus X # 6 december 2017 in 16:20 0
Shame I hate exercise
Agata Balulis # 6 december 2017 in 16:21 0
Ooooh yeaaah good music in the beginning is the key lol
Belkıs Bergüzar # 6 december 2017 in 16:23 0
Ohaa turkk musun
brookemarch31 # 6 december 2017 in 16:23 0
"Its vegan its vanilla it's alright" hahaha that's the funniest thing I've heard all day
Emmanuel Davis # 6 december 2017 in 16:27 0
What camera are you using ?
Jean Gannett # 6 december 2017 in 16:29 0
SO true Cow's milk is awful for you
Monkey8346272 # 6 december 2017 in 16:29 0
That intro
sevilay s # 6 december 2017 in 16:30 0
Melisa Aydın # 6 december 2017 in 16:31 0
Ruth Linevich # 6 december 2017 in 16:32 0
Cow milk is not bad for you !
Denver Jesus # 6 december 2017 in 16:32 0
a non sense workout
Kitchen Therapy # 6 december 2017 in 16:35 0
Thanks for sharing!
Angelina Raeleen # 6 december 2017 in 16:38 0
Love your videos!!
Snow Flake # 6 december 2017 in 16:43 0
Y'know I think she probably did 'change' after meeting with vogue according to that previous video. Looks like she got some tips on "how to hook more viewers" or grow your following or increase advertising or whatnot.
Somebody please tell me Does she SERIOUSLY use head and shoulders? That does not exactly promote a "healthy lifestyle" according to the (clickbait)title. I'm quite sure there are sulfates and silicones in them which are NOT good for hair _health_.
Idek, maybe she won't do it again hopefully.
Clickbait is horrid. And this is what it feels like. At least just make the title "what's in my gym bag" or something.
Not hating at all, love you and almost evry single one of your previous vids Hailey! I hope you get some constructive criticism out of this!
Please take my opinion in the best possible caring way, love you to pluto n back seriously. I don't want you to change in a bad way!!
Lorena Vanessa # 6 december 2017 in 16:47 0
HAILEY! some squishy vitamins have gelatin which comes from pigs !
姚昕懿 # 6 december 2017 in 16:48 0
inspire me sooooo much
Crystal Zendejas # 6 december 2017 in 16:49 0
What nike shoe model are those???