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This is a recipe from the 1950s Hersheys Cocoa Box with a few alteration on my part. Ive given the orginal recipe and my own version with substitutions. I sure hope youll try this fudge recipe even though it takes a long time to make. Just remember to follow the technique exactly and DO NOT STIR UNTIL AFTER THE COOLING IS COMPLETE. Please let me know if you try this. Many thanks for watching. My website is
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Comments (20)
Maunster! # 12 january 2018 in 04:02 0
Thank you Phyllis. A very informative and detailed video. You informed me completely on points of method. I can hardly wait to make this fudge.
Amie Davis # 12 january 2018 in 04:05 0
OK Phyllis, I am going to try and make this now....I got all my ingredients. I do know how to cook and I have made fudge in the past, however I haven't made it in over 15 years. I will update you on if this worked for me or not!
Let It Roll # 12 january 2018 in 04:08 0
Great recipe!
I agree that Home Ec. should be mandatory. I learned how to cut out a pattern and sew it up, embroider, and crochet, as well as cooking and baking from my dear Mother. Young adult women today know none of that. I have adult sons (no daughters) and the young women they bring over know none of the "womanly arts." Also I think high schools should teach students about credit, checkbook management; things they will actually need to know in life.
Texas Flash cove Installer # 12 january 2018 in 04:09 0
Thank you worked out great. I'm a man by the way . but from the 1960s
kathlud1 # 12 january 2018 in 04:14 0
Just made this and after 3 tries (yup, 3), I got it right and it is absolutely delish! I also really enjoyed your chatter throughout. :) .
Anonymous Post # 12 january 2018 in 04:16 0
Phyllis, What made you switch to buttermilk?
Lisa Watkins # 12 january 2018 in 04:19 0
Hi Phyllis, I just used your recipe and thank you so much for this video, I followed it exactly and it turned out wonderfully, soooooo good! Merry Christmas to you and your family
Joan Ellis # 12 january 2018 in 04:19 0
Thank you Phyllis, I love the old recipe's... Merry Christmas...
sylviah1234 # 12 january 2018 in 04:19 0
Merry Christmas Phyliss! I am making your fudge today. The only thing I don't have and can't find is Whole Buttermilk. Can I use 2% Butterfat Buttermilk?...I did make a trial batch and it did set up nice and I used non-fat buttermilk in that one. Ha, ha, the problem with that batch was I only had 'salted pecans' and the non fat buttermilk. It turned out really dark and had a not so desirable flavor. I tried to get the salt off the pecans..didn't work so good.
So I'm starting over and I have walnuts but only 2% butterfat buttermilk. I have pet milk so I'm trying to decide. I need a good batch today for Christmas. So buttermilk 2% b.fat or do you think I should go for the pet milk recipe?
Thank you so much for your See and do instructions..works for me.
Shanna Van Ausdall # 12 january 2018 in 04:21 0
Thank You. I have been subscribed to your channel for a year and I typed in the you tube search cocoa fudge " and I was so happy to see that You had the original recipe . I have tried the newer easier fudge recipes but they have never held a candle to just good old time " cocoa fudge" . ! Thanks making this tonight or tomorrow.
Randy Suggs # 12 january 2018 in 04:23 0
If I want nuts when do I add?
David Boggs # 12 january 2018 in 04:24 0
When I saw this listed I was thinking fudge or brownies. What's the difference. Well now I know. I am your age and when I was young my grandmother made this fudge and of course we were not allowed in the kitchen when she was making candy. As a young girl in the 1920s, she had learned to do this working for a candy company in down town Baltimore. Brings back fond memories.. Thank you so much. Merry Christmas
Robin Manzanares # 12 january 2018 in 04:27 0
I started to learn to cook when I was 10yrs old. I finally started cooking whole meals by myself when I was 12yrs like you.
Tim Langley # 12 january 2018 in 04:30 0
Your channel is such a blessing. I sometimes watch your videos for hours. Thank you for sharing your lives with us.
Anonymous Post # 12 january 2018 in 04:31 0
Phyllis, This is the same fudge I learned to make as a kid. I took home economics in high school because I wanted to. The newer fudge recipes such as marshmallow, aren't good to me. So you have a sister? How many siblings do you have? What was your child hood like? Vicky
Maria Rodriguez # 12 january 2018 in 04:33 0
Thank you so much for sharing this recipe. I'm starting to teach my 9 year old twin granddaughters how to bake. They each made their own cheesecake for Thanksgiving. I was so proud of them. They did great. I think they will love to learn to make fudge.
Cindy Timian # 12 january 2018 in 04:35 0
oh, and another thing. I started making the fudge realizing that my meat thermometer was not a candy thermometer so I sent my husband to the store. He took too long, so I followed your instructions with dripping fudge into water. It worked. It worked because you showed all of how the ball is suppose too feel and look. The fudge it perfect. God gave you a talent. You really are an excellent teacher. Thank you so very very much.
Cindy Timian # 12 january 2018 in 04:36 0
ooohhh Phyllis, thank you, thank you, thank you!!! You are the best teacher. I have tried to make this recipe before so many times and it never came out right. I just tried it following your instructions. It is perfect. Thank you!!!! I am smiling bigly. Much love sent your way.
Willa Johnson # 12 january 2018 in 04:37 0
I had sewing cooking etc in school and no they don't teach. this anymore...can you see them trying to cook and text at the same time...lol and lol...
Willa Johnson # 12 january 2018 in 04:39 0
That's what I'm looking for. A good old fashion recipe. Never tried using buttermilk. Bought some yesterday for biscuits so will give it a try. Tks.