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Victorias Secret Fashion Show 2017 Full HD: Road to the Runway

Victorias Secret Fashion Show 2017 Full HD: Road to the Runway watch video online

Victorias Secret Fashion Show 2017 Full HD: Road to the Runway ----------------------------------------------------------- Link Full Playlist (2005 to 2017): ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - Victorias Secret is an American designer, manufacturer and marketer of womens premium lingerie, womenswear and beauty products.[1][4][5] With 2012 sales of $6.12 billion,[6] it is the largest American retailer of womens lingerie. Victorias Secret is wholly owned by L Brands, a publicly traded company ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Thank for watching!!!
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Comments (17)
emma ruth # 16 november 2017 in 12:07 0
I just loved how this creative people make all those artsy stuffs they'll put on the show....and omg balmain is collaborating!!!!victoria secret will looked edgy with balmain!
Family vn # 16 november 2017 in 12:08 0
I love your channel! I also have a family channel, can you see and comment for me? Like, Share, Comment, Subscribe to encourage and support the growing channel. Thank you very much !
fivi yuni # 16 november 2017 in 12:08 0
without behati prisloo ?
Sunny H # 16 november 2017 in 12:11 0
What's with the comments on the Asian models lmao... I think Liu Wen and the other asian models are absolutely gorgeous. Honestly, everyone is absolutely gorgeous, or they wouldn't have been asked to audition at VS...
Tiffany Li # 16 november 2017 in 12:15 0
Asian model is not ugly !!!!!!
Everyone has their own charms
Racism back off, please !!!

And when does everybody focus on angel's look more than VS's bras ?
francys rodriguez # 16 november 2017 in 12:17 0
mierda alguien q habla en español
Milagros Corvalan # 16 november 2017 in 12:20 0
Name of girl 3:38? Please
Jeremy L # 16 november 2017 in 12:25 0
those asian and black models are so ugly... srsly, victoria's secret is becoming joke. Remember when victoria secret models used to be gorgeous?
TC Fans # 16 november 2017 in 12:27 0
if the process is so vigorous, how tf did lily ever make it as an angel
jao rosas # 16 november 2017 in 12:30 0
23:25 tf his lips.
Nathaniel Shayne Tagilala # 16 november 2017 in 12:32 0
I want fifth Harmony To Perform live this year Victoria secret fashion show in the pink Segment in china
E. Em # 16 november 2017 in 12:33 0
"The world is our runway"
Luis Mejia # 16 november 2017 in 12:34 0
Wow, when i was i kid, i saw my first show of vs, i remembered was the 2005, and i thought that vs company hired the best models of the fashion industry, i was thinking they have the most exclusive models of the world with giselle, isabeli, izabel g, selita, naomi, angela, caroline, natasha, euginia, even lily, lindsay. I know that everything change but dont have to. I see that every random pretty model can walk in that runway that only show costumes not lingerie
uwqe dsadw # 16 november 2017 in 12:37 0
Those Asian models are so ugly....
nguyễn minh châu # 16 november 2017 in 12:37 0
beautyfull girl
nguyễn minh châu # 16 november 2017 in 12:41 0
Diego Herrera # 16 november 2017 in 12:42 0
They are very thin... where are the curves???!!!