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[Virtual Reality] KENTUCKY FRIED PENGUIN! (VRChat funny & awesome moments Episode 11)

[Virtual Reality] KENTUCKY FRIED PENGUIN! (VRChat funny & awesome moments Episode 11) watch video online

CHOO!! CHOOO!! THE TRAIN TO 7K IS LEAVING GUYS!! SUBSCRIBE ► PATREON ► TWITTER ► Join my very own fan Discord! ► Join the VRChat fan community Discord! ► ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Watch your favorite Yandere teaming up with your favorite Neko to cause mischief in the beautiful world of VRChat! Not only do we find out that cats are legit lawyers & beerburgers are as disgusting as they sound! We are faced with the highest form of animal cruelty since forever, while we are trying to avoid willy wonka, who is once again on the prowl. Can Ashunera defend herself this time without the help of Nurfee? Find out! The VRChat community is awesome and the game itself is free and full of potential for your creativity! There is no VR headset needed to play it! So join our community! Hang out with us and contribute to this wonderful experience! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- GET VRCHAT ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- LAST EPISODE ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ARTWORK ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- MUSIC In- & Outro: Debris & Our Psych - Omerta Link to the Song ►
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Comments (18)
Mc Fox # 7 february 2018 in 00:02 0
Ash can it be that you wäre german
WD Gaster Thespectator # 7 february 2018 in 00:04 0
Ok this just mite sound wrong but I really what some KFC
xXMemberXx # 7 february 2018 in 00:05 0
Hmmm. Es gibt ja wirklich ein emmit angebot xD
Wessel van Harrewijn # 7 february 2018 in 00:08 0
im calling peta, they will show a video of penguins being beaten and killed for food, not knowing that the person LITTERLY ATE THEM WHOLE! also that was pretty cool. sorry emmitt

(ps: that pic of you in the outro on the left looks AMAZING, who made that pic!?)
suds2065 # 7 february 2018 in 00:08 0
AaQaQ-aaaaA----AAAa[1[[[1-a_-------------aa. AaaaeaaaaAaaaaaaaewccd
Kriptes / Kryptonite78681 # 7 february 2018 in 00:08 0
The PTSD hit Emmitt off guard and made him enrage towards Ash after. I hope he is better now.
TheReaperPeeper # 7 february 2018 in 00:12 0
Rip the Emmit fam 1988-1798
Diepio Br # 7 february 2018 in 00:16 0
Stop penguin abuse! If you see this person, report her becuz she eats penguins alive non-stop and she even gives to other people so she's a BAD influence for all penguin lovers. Call 911
_ _ # 7 february 2018 in 00:18 0
their is such a thing called a beer burger and hotdogs good to
Lee Hyunsik # 7 february 2018 in 00:23 0
Emmitt turned into a big sister from bioshock at the end
GAMR 101 # 7 february 2018 in 00:26 0

Top 10 anime betrayals
XerosGaming # 7 february 2018 in 00:29 0
Who was the massive chick eating emmitt
TheMasked Froakie # 7 february 2018 in 00:30 0
Oathmeal is the best lawyer
WolfRex # 7 february 2018 in 00:33 0
Lol I was smiling the entire time when Emmitt's family was eaten
WillShackAttack # 7 february 2018 in 00:35 0
13:31 After hearing that Emmit has to be using a voice changer!
(Or somehow has a really squeaky voice!)
Mr.Anime Girl # 7 february 2018 in 00:39 0
It did have 420 comments now it has 421 could that still be a meme
Bronyguy345 # 7 february 2018 in 00:41 0
hey can you kill the person that named their self 'I Hate Anime'? reading it made people think I hated anime but I LOVE anime >:(
Alex Perez # 7 february 2018 in 00:43 0
Who is that giant eating penguins