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Top 10 Foods That Originally Looked Totally Different

Top 10 Foods That Originally Looked Totally Different watch video online

Everyday foods, fruit and veggies used to look totally different before we started cultivating them. But did you know they haven’t always looked like they currently do? Here are 10 fruits and veggies that looked very different before we started cultivating them! Subscribe for more! ► ◄ Stay updated ► ◄ For copyright queries or general inquiries please get in touch: beamazedvideos@gmail.com Credit: Be Amazed at these 10 fruits & veggies that looked VERY different before we started cultivating them! Corn - The evolution of corn is a great example of how we can significantly change a vegetable over time. Corn actually comes from a Mexican grass called teosinte. Avocado - The millennials favorite fruit has gone through quite a lot of change, and its all for the better. In the wild, avocados are very small and can easily fit into the center of your palm, growing to about three inches in diameter. Peach - The peach is another example of our ancestors using selective breeding to create a bigger and tastier version of a fruit. Domesticated by the Chinese around 4, 000 B.C., the original peach was very small and resembled a cherry. Eggplant - The wild variation of the eggplant is completely unrecognizable from the modern version we have today. Eggplants used to come in a variety of shapes, but most of them were round . Strawberry - Often times, as shown in this video, humans molded fruits and vegetables to make them taste better. Tomato - We have been shaping the tomato to our own taste for thousands of years. The evolution of the tomatoes happened in two stages. Carrot - Wild carrots look nothing like the orange carrots we know today. They were found in Persia around the 10th century and were either white or purple. Cucumber - You probably wouldn’t guess that the wild cucumber is actually related to the modern version of the cucumber we have nowadays. Banana - The wild banana is quite different from the yellow snack that we have today. Originally, they were stocky and hard, filled with large and tough seeds that were spread across the fruit’s interior. Watermelon - Watermelons have actually been around for millennia and theyre one of the fruits that have most drastically changed in appearance over the years.
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Comments (20)
Grandma Beverly # 27 december 2017 in 04:06 0
I'll never look at 'natural' fruits the same way again. No wonder we get so many diseases of nutritional deficiency! Not much is in it's original God created form.
Forever MTG # 27 december 2017 in 04:09 0
$10 says he made up all of these percentages. :P
Shooter -Ksa # 27 december 2017 in 04:13 0
LucifersTrip # 27 december 2017 in 04:15 0
doubtful, but how many of the originals still exist? ...or how far back do we still have versions?
sean skins # 27 december 2017 in 04:16 0
tomatoe peaches?
Daniel Ferrer # 27 december 2017 in 04:20 0
Mughni Mughni # 27 december 2017 in 04:20 0
I live in Indonesia. Almost all the types of eggplant displayed in the video can be found here. Also, the 'old' banana, it is just another species of banana.
Ahmad yousef # 27 december 2017 in 04:20 0
Water melon. I think so because of its drastic size diffrents dunring its history.
Angel Bulldog # 27 december 2017 in 04:20 0
I've been told all my life that tomatoes were thought to be poisonous until sometime in the 1800s. Interesting....
Bernd Meyer # 27 december 2017 in 04:23 0
Thank god or whomever else for the watermelon.
Rowyn Gaming official # 27 december 2017 in 04:24 0
Not clickbate!
ixxgunnerx x # 27 december 2017 in 04:26 0
Thank s for such a cool video
CappsJD # 27 december 2017 in 04:28 0
2:47 talkin bout peaches, showing tomatoes
Jakub Kúdela # 27 december 2017 in 04:31 0
2:46 ... peach ... totally
Jotaro Kujo # 27 december 2017 in 04:34 0
You wired retard wrong
NightRunner417 # 27 december 2017 in 04:39 0
4:17 - This is an interesting point. When I was young, we'd look everywhere for wild strawberries, which were tiny and very rare, but amazingly tasty little things. They generally got no bigger than a small blueberry, but the extra work and luck required to find just a few made them extra special.
NightRunner417 # 27 december 2017 in 04:44 0
2:47 - "After thousands of years of growing them next to tomatoes, they took on the fuzzy nature of tomato leaves combined with the juicy qualities of tomato fruit, and became the Dole peaches that we use in pies today."
Uncle Joshua # 27 december 2017 in 04:47 0
2:48 those r fuckin tomatoes you know...
Zac Zaring # 27 december 2017 in 04:47 0
I sure hope the banana sticks around and FYI eggplants are gross
Rita Ballantyne # 27 december 2017 in 04:51 0
makes me wonder how did our ancestors even survive with so little food