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Ellens Game of Games - Dont Leave Me Hanging: Episode 3 (Highlight)

Ellens Game of Games - Dont Leave Me Hanging: Episode 3 (Highlight) watch video online

Its just a trivia game with no strings attached. Okay... A lot of strings attached. » Subscribe for More: » Watch Ellen’s Game of Games Tuesdays 8/7c on NBC! » Watch Full Episodes Free: ELLENS GAME OF GAMES ON SOCIAL: Like Ellen’s Game of Games on Facebook: Follow Ellen’s Game of Games on Twitter: Find Ellen’s Game of Games on Tumblr: Follow Ellen’s Games of Games on Instagram: NBC’s new show Ellen’s Game of Games features the return to primetime of Ellen DeGeneres to host an exciting new game show that’s one big party! Find Ellen’s Game of Games trailers, full episode highlights, previews, promos, clips, and digital exclusives here. NBC ON SOCIAL: NBC YouTube: Like NBC: Follow NBC: NBC Tumblr: NBC Pinterest: NBC Google+: NBC Instagram: ABOUT ELLEN’S GAME OF GAMES The one and only Ellen DeGeneres returns to primetime to host an exciting new game show thats one big party! Featuring super-sized versions of some of the most beloved games from The Ellen DeGeneres Show as well as new ones, contestants will have to maneuver massive obstacles while answering trivia questions, all under the pressure of Ellens mischievous and hilarious antics. With DeGeneres witty and comedic sensibility, plus fun-filled games, each episode will build to one epic game in which one lucky contestant gets the chance to win the grand prize, but everyone will have a blast! Ellens Game of Games - Dont Leave Me Hanging (Episode Highlight) Ellen’s Game of Games
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Comments (20)
Kookie Dooks # 11 january 2018 in 08:00 0
SadDoggo # 11 january 2018 in 08:05 0
Jezus.. dumbest contestants ever
Rizwan Javed # 11 january 2018 in 08:10 0
Ohh my goodness, so crazy people they dont know anything
GD Feng # 11 january 2018 in 08:12 0
yo.... these guys make common sense and basic knowledge seem like a scarcity lololololol
Dustin Donut # 11 january 2018 in 08:15 0
The blonde old lady is too stupid
Sharlene grace # 11 january 2018 in 08:16 0
My eyes rolled soooo hard when she said Africa .. REALLY!!???
what if? # 11 january 2018 in 08:19 0
What was she taught it school.
.that africa is a country?
JosieJay D # 11 january 2018 in 08:20 0
This girl said Africa
Gurung Gurung # 11 january 2018 in 08:23 0
"And we're blasting off again"
Oscar Korlowsky # 11 january 2018 in 08:28 0
Africa? A country? You must be really dumb
Prakash Aryal # 11 january 2018 in 08:30 0
Where do these people come from ?Honda ? Seriously ?
Sylvia Ikeji # 11 january 2018 in 08:32 0
Lmao she doesn't know any African country and she isn't a kid??? Oh dear, not so shocked, its a sad well known fact.
Anna Fed241 # 11 january 2018 in 08:33 0
She did not say Africa. I can’t even fathom...
Esther Piry # 11 january 2018 in 08:35 0
this is really a fun show! just found this :)
minecraft angel msx # 11 january 2018 in 08:39 0
Who the hell thinks Africa is a country
Purplemetall007 # 11 january 2018 in 08:42 0
There's an episode with an Asian woman and she guessed that Earth Day was September 11. What a f*cking FOOL. Asians are smart but really are complete dopes!!!
kittyquiqui # 11 january 2018 in 08:44 0
Contestant: "Africa"
Ellen: "That's a continent, the country is South Africa"
Contestant: "Yeah, that's what I meant"
Me: "WHO ARE YOU FOOLING LADY? You did not know that! asdfghjkl"
Mum Raymond # 11 january 2018 in 08:47 0
Africa we need to talk about this
Jason Yau # 11 january 2018 in 08:52 0
Honda is Japanese!
You could have named:
Leander # 11 january 2018 in 08:52 0
Aaron is cute :P