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Game of Thrones: Red Wedding Reactions Compilation

Game of Thrones: Red Wedding Reactions Compilation watch video online

Best reactions to the last scenes of GAME OF THRONES S03E09. SPOILER ALERT! (They re not filming themselves but getting filmed by people who knew what would happen...) Follow me at Twitter: Credit goes to all the YT Uploaders!! Thanks people for this great footage! View the FULL videos at
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Comments (20)
robert fenton # 18 may 2017 in 20:06 0
Let us not forget the true King of the North... Ramsey Bolton! King Robb just through his life away for some silly bitch!
TheKarl9381 # 18 may 2017 in 20:09 0
1:13 She is grinning :D
Zena Aj # 18 may 2017 in 20:12 0
Was I the only one who laughed during the scene? Lol I'm a heartless bitch.
Doge Viper # 18 may 2017 in 20:16 0
I wasn't sad...I was just angry because I wanted to see Rob Stark decapitate Joffrey. What really pissed me off was when they killed Jon Snow. My reaction, "Fuck JJRRMartin fatass fuck. If they're just going to kill off all the Starks like this, then I'm not watching the show." Then I stopped watching, until my friend told me Jon Snow was resurrected.
Jena Woodmansee # 18 may 2017 in 20:18 0
3:41 BITCH WHY DAFAQ ARE U LAUGHING!!!?!???!?!??!!?
The Ramdom Channel # 18 may 2017 in 20:20 0
best reactions, girl from 0:48 and guy from 5:15
Bryan G # 18 may 2017 in 20:22 0
It's fun to watch this video and try to figure out who was the one who knew lol
Gameofthrones Vids # 18 may 2017 in 20:26 0
All of these reactions conbineded was me but way way more tears
Jay Saenz # 18 may 2017 in 20:28 0
I am still waiting for the fucking winter...
Smartz118 # 18 may 2017 in 20:28 0
The audible knife is the sound when you know shit is going down.
UNDERSTAND THAT! # 18 may 2017 in 20:32 0
WOW? I cant believe you perverts taped yourselves watching Robot Porn.
Serpentgrad # 18 may 2017 in 20:37 0
They had to know it was coming like who the hell play's a Lannister song, at a Lannister enemies wedding.
Ace Nosce # 18 may 2017 in 20:38 0
now us modern folk know what the meaning of an atrocity iis
no life # 18 may 2017 in 20:39 0
First world problems...
Jena Woodmansee # 18 may 2017 in 20:40 0
I bet at that moment we all were like: I'm done. I'm not watching Game of Thrones anymore. Cya
Cyanporo # 18 may 2017 in 20:42 0
I like how that last guy was like "holy shit"
poursome80sonme # 18 may 2017 in 20:46 0
overreacting just a little???
CAIDCARM # 18 may 2017 in 20:47 0
That one woman...I'm not watching this no more...I did myself a favor and never started watching this garbage
Ulug Gökbörü # 18 may 2017 in 20:49 0
İnsanlar embesil...
Taligale # 18 may 2017 in 20:51 0
Me when Talisa is stabbed
"How did you not see that coming, you useless fanservicey whore??"
Me when Grey Wind is shot
Oh HELL no!