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NEW loot box investigation + ESRB defends game ratings + Xbox Games Pass is AWESOME

NEW loot box investigation + ESRB defends game ratings + Xbox Games Pass is AWESOME watch video online

This is the Sunday News Round-up for January 28. This week Mike and Gaz pick through some cool stories, including Snoop Dogg’s weird fake Twitch stream, Microsoft’s frankly game-changing additions to the Xbox Game Pass, Rust’s long-awaited release and a new investigation into loot boxes in the US. Hosts: Mike Williams and Gareth Evans Script: Liam McKelvey Editor: Liam McKelvey Sources Washington State Loot Box Investigation ESRB defends their drug-related ratings after study finds them unrealistic Rust to leave Early Access after 4 years Xbox Game Pass will include all first party games at launch (also applies to PC) and Austrian Retailer stops selling Xbox consoles after Game Pass announcement Snoop Dogg appears on sponsored stream, doesn’t actually play the game but does smoke a blunt More Videos Forged Battalion - People aren’t buying enough single player games? - Fortnite hurting Paragon - Sunday Round-up Jan 21 - Fable 4 - SUPPORT US on Patreon: SUBSCRIBE: Follow Pretty Good Gaming TWITCH: FACEBOOK: TWITTER: WEBSITE: Follow us Gareth - Mike - Jake - Liam -
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Comments (20)
Gerald WR4ITH # 5 february 2018 in 08:02 0
That senator kinda looks like PLAYERUNKNOWN; Senator Unknown if you will.
ITwas # 5 february 2018 in 08:07 0
ESRB isn't a federal agency but a self appointed garbage. Its claim to anything doesn't mean a fing thing especially when it runs away with tail between its leg every time there is a major publisher involved.
Thaddaeus Wagner # 5 february 2018 in 08:07 0
Got friends who work at gamestop and you dont know how many times they have gotten in trouble for telling kids they cant buy a m game without there parents there. Legally they arent allowed to sell it and many people at their stores just do cause they dont care and the parents dont care.
Joseph Laubscher # 5 february 2018 in 08:11 0
Why do all the console fanboys keep on ranting about "exclusives" when it comes to the Xbox Game Pass? No single game will only be playable on one platform, because over time it will either be ported, remade or emulation software will make the game playable on other platforms. Microsoft allows you to chose, to some degree, the platform you want to play their games on. This is by far a better way of doing things than the "exclusives" of other platforms. Also with the Xbox Game Pass, being able to download the games rather than streaming them is the only way to do gaming as a service. It is unacceptable to have to deal with lag in a single player game or campaign. All Microsoft really need to do, to make this the end-all of gaming services, add better backwards compatibility and the 360's library to the Game Pass.
george l # 5 february 2018 in 08:16 0
Virtual Rehab Center - next level sh*t
Kaos Ruin # 5 february 2018 in 08:20 0
Micro$oft is at it again
Paul Henri # 5 february 2018 in 08:24 0
The question I asked is what does a drug rehabilitation center have to do with microtransactions and gambling in video games.
ShopFloorMonkey # 5 february 2018 in 08:28 0
Youre right that kids shouldnt be playing age inappropriate games, but I saw 3 kids on the tube, the eldest being no more than 11, all drooling over their new copy of Rainbow Siege Six. One of them had their father with them and seemed to have his blessing. I used to work for a well known game retailer and we had to take quarterly assessments, and sign paperwork, saying that we accepted that if we sold a game to an underage person we would be the ones facing prosecution personally. However, the parents tend to blame everyone but themselves. So it would seem to me that an idea to amend the use of drugs in games may look good on paper in conjunction with the esrb/pegi ratings, but the reality is far more complicated.
Dufoth # 5 february 2018 in 08:31 0
ESRB is full of jack asses any ways.
Joe Thomas # 5 february 2018 in 08:34 0
I mean any time I've taken drugs I've felt incredible, invincible. Like I could conquer the world. At least till the come down hits. I'd call that a power up.
Varcolac_Kir # 5 february 2018 in 08:37 0
PlayStation needs to step up.
SilverSmoke # 5 february 2018 in 08:41 0
Microtransactions need to die. They are cancer that ruins videogames. But government regulation is NOT the answer. Trust me, it's not worth it. Look at battlefront 2. Voting with our wallets, and spreading information does work. We have a voice. Don't call in the government when we finally have a foothold. A little regulation will become a lot, and gaming will officially be ruined. We as consumers can stop microtransactions from ruining gaming, by voting with our wallets. But it will be much harder to stop the government from potentially doing far worse to gaming than any loot box could. Once they get their corrupt foot in the door, it's a slippery slope. I've been advocating against microtransactions for years, and I'm so happy the topic is spreading. But what it's spreading to scares me more than the actually issue. It won't be easy, or instant, but we can stop microtransactions from ruining gaming by voting with our wallets. Please don't let the government get involved. Trust me, it's a bad idea.
Shafi Azgar # 5 february 2018 in 08:45 0
Paid Actor...Gamer! Why?
Larry Gall # 5 february 2018 in 08:45 0
If MS could get every game in the library to run "Play Anywhere", I'd sign up. I have an X1, but switched to PC gaming a while back. I do miss the online account.. friends etc. I always looked for "Play Anywhere" whenever I bought games, usually right before buying on Steam, since nothing seems to be "Play Anywhere". Should be called "Play Nowhere". This needs some more work.. and backward comparability for older games with this PA thing.
thesharpend 1 # 5 february 2018 in 08:47 0
Phillip Helgren # 5 february 2018 in 08:48 0
rust is still trash , garry probably just doesnt want that Eternal early access stigma on his game. That game has one of the worst skin systems too, the prices fucking go up slowly and facepunch barred people from selling the skins until their own store has finished sales, because it was fucking easy to undercut those brainlets
bacon2410 # 5 february 2018 in 08:53 0
Does anyone else think Mikes hands are a bit small?
ben dover # 5 february 2018 in 08:55 0
That powerup thing is bullshit, when i get drunk my damage resistance flies through the roof, having said that the debuff after may not be worth it
Noise Lab # 5 february 2018 in 08:59 0
Will Xbox games pass be on pc too?
Jonathan Davies # 5 february 2018 in 09:01 0
Got an ad for a gta5 cheat site before this vedio. Didn't much care for that. It kind of clashes with your content.