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What really happened to Chris Cornell and Chester Bennington ?

What really happened to Chris Cornell and Chester Bennington ? watch video online

In this video I present my theory regarding the deaths of Chris and Chester . I do not mean to disrespect anyone , this is just my opinion . note : I made a mistake in the beginning , it was purely an accident , I said july 18 instead of may 18 ... I cant remove the video now , I appologize for my sloppy work but pls watch the rest of the video even if I screwed the beginning .
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Games Exposed # 31 july 2017 in 08:09 0
note : I did a voice acting mistake in the first sentence , I said " 18 july " instead of " 18 may " but you can see it was an accident because I did say " 2 months ago " in the same sentence ... so yeah hopefully you can still watch the video even with that mistake
Julie DRoy # 31 july 2017 in 08:10 0
i dont know why you guys post some ridiculous video!!! he hung himself he didnt get murdered, or you guys can be stupid enough to say talinda paid someone to kill him like Kurt Cobain??? On News " Suicide"... Only god and chester knows what happenned not you you wasnt there!!!
Tim Ratigan # 31 july 2017 in 08:14 0
OK then after u watch that read the statement Linkin Park released and read in between the lines. We are not in denial. There lying to our faces to brush it under the rug. This will blow over like all the others. Unfortunately we will eventually forget about Chester and Chris. But the cycle will repeat itself with the next celebrity.
Andressa Rangel Bundy # 31 july 2017 in 08:17 0
What i think ist that Chris was murdered by his bodyguard, i have made some research about his death, and i think that is what happened to him. I think that we need more answer for sure about that.
Xuimina Kokobop # 31 july 2017 in 08:18 0
I totally feel disturbed on how you narrate your investigation I had pay music while listening. But I have to stop watching.
LeiadosAnjos Luz # 31 july 2017 in 08:19 0
I'm crying for his
Killer Mike # 31 july 2017 in 08:23 0
They were both definitely murdered. A hit man killed them both. Why was there no suicide letter? Why would they kill themselves in the same way. Why not just overdose? Hang themselves? I dont believe it and i never trust the official story.
Gerald Arnold # 31 july 2017 in 08:26 0
I think the little girl is expressing contempt for the System that kills her soulmate before he ever meets her. It's games first compromise, then destroy her heroes by soiling their character, tarnishing their image, then drags them downward into an abyss where they're unfit to lead. They abandon her when she needs them so she destroys the court, denouncing their failure to fulfill her ideal of the real man. Her hero is killed in boyhood and she faces the future alone.
Xepic_piggehX # 31 july 2017 in 08:29 0
How retarded could these guys in the comments get. People are saying the satanic illuminati sacrificed him because he was gay with chris cornell. That is literally so fucking brain dead stupid. Go to school and read a book and stop making theorists look bad you high school drop outs. And also, just because people say celebrities kill themselves doesnt mean that they are the only people that do kill themselves. Its just that those are the only people that are really important to large groups of people so ofc its gonna be on the news everywhere and some stupid fucks think that because they see only celebrities on the news commiting suicide that it must be a conspiracy. Which is at least a little understantable i guess if you dont know how the news works, but then people start saying the government and illuminati sacrificed him to satan. What the fuck is wrong with you guys holy shit let the guy rest in peace and also you all must be so braindead retarded if you think that
Owen Trenholm # 31 july 2017 in 08:31 0
No. They committed suicide. It is hard to admit but they did. Please stop. No secret organization did this.
Jimmy Bailey # 31 july 2017 in 08:31 0
Sir Loins # 31 july 2017 in 08:36 0
another fake death to envoke emotion out of the public. crazy
mellowcrimson # 31 july 2017 in 08:39 0
I know why
Dale Hawkins # 31 july 2017 in 08:40 0
wrong. just lean forward, black out, die... survival instinct is irrelevant if you pass out from laxk of blood flow to the brain.
Kerry-Ann Howitt # 31 july 2017 in 08:42 0
I love this video and completely agree with you xXx
jørn magne ildhusøy # 31 july 2017 in 08:42 0
Good work man..you are importen and make serius videos whit real fakts.I KNOW somthing going on and moore People understand the evel bastards are real-.-
Random Stuff # 31 july 2017 in 08:46 0
And it's ridiculous how they use the predictive programming method to prophesize deaths . With how Chris Cornell is hung in his music video Nearly Forgot My Broken Heart . That's how they make the Sheep among us believe "oh no he hung himself because that's what he was contemplating (suicide) cause he was depressed blah blah blah . More predictive programming is how "Brian" the dog in Family Guy gets run over by a red car and dies prior to Paul's "accident" in a red Porsche and Brian was his characters name in Fast and Furious. Also how he was given a Red Porsche when his character joined Skull and Bones secret society in the movie "The Skulls" . It's all predictive programming. There is no coincidence. The illuminati plan everything in advance
Nyal Witham # 31 july 2017 in 08:49 0
What a load of shit!
SaRa.T # 31 july 2017 in 08:54 0
Wowww!! Thank u! I hope that more people like u stand up!! (I already apologize for the lack of my English language. But I hope it is understandable)... You're very very right, we are talking about "people" whom have given and passed their positions and "powers" to each other (their own families) on and on and on, generations after generations, for hundreds and hundreds of years!! You see, these mf poppet masters have "plans" and "protocols" for these kinds of "problems and situations",..((For example; their problem is now that some people NOT believe that Chris and Chester have killed them selfs, like me and you)) but the problem is that when that plan goes wrong, they have a new plan, and if thát plan goes also wrong, then they have new plans for that plan, and they have plans for those plans too!!! and just so on and on and on and on! (The thing is, some people just CAN'T believe how far their "solutions" and "plans" are going. Some people literally have no clue how far those "people" will go, júst not to be seen or be discovered! Things that we just can not even dream about!!)....Our problem is now, that we can NOT handle the """incredible""" power whom for hundreds of years are in this certain families and or circles!!. So we are literally powerless!!. All we can do is leave this shit society where we live in ((Because they make us work very very hard in this society, day and night running just for our food and etc etc, so that we don't have any time or any energy, to see their dirty dirty actions!!)) we have to leave this society and we have to take the very very short time that we have on this earth, and spend it on what we want. Staying in this society is èxactly what "they" want from us, so they can keep us under control., like they have done for thousands and thousands of years!
NEW - SPARTAN-EMPIRE # 31 july 2017 in 08:56 0
theze guyz were murdered ...
this iz Homicide - plain & simple

two muzic makerz - who are close buddiez
& who set out to expoze pedophilez
do nott just commit suicide
in the same manner
- one right after the other. ...

this waz a wack-jobb - a double wack-jobb !