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Saraswatichandra - 17th April 2013 : Ep 39

Saraswatichandra - 17th April 2013 : Ep 39 watch video online

In episode 39 of Saraswatichandra, aired on 17th April 2013, Kumud brings dinner for Saraswatichandra in his room Ghuman witnesses Saraswatichandra tending to Kumud, and taunts her after he leaves to bring a first-aid kit. Kumud asks Saraswatichandra not to come close to her as their families have learnt about their broken alliance. Saraswatichandra leaves the dinner table to avoid Kumud. Later, he sees her waiting for him in his room, with dinner. The next morning, Kumud becomes embarrassed as Saraswatichandra tells Kumari and Kusum about Kumud bringing dinner for him. Will Kumuds affection for Saraswatichandra change his decision? To know more, keep watching Saraswatichandra... Saraswatichandra is a poignant love story of two soul mates: Saras and Kumud, who are denied the joy of becoming one by destiny and tradition. Whenever they try to move away from each other, life keeps bringing them together again.
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Sameer Majmudar # 20 november 2014 in 20:35 0
Love u veryy much jennifer winget n gautam rode!!!
harshitha k # 20 november 2014 in 20:36 0
both r looking cute and nice smile
PhotoshopBy Vanshika # 20 november 2014 in 20:40 0
both of them loook so tired.. .n omg u can see their eye bags.. pls i hope cvs let them rest sometimes
naviz bajwa # 20 november 2014 in 20:41 0
wat d hell is kumid jab dekho chehre se baal hatati rehti a . koi ise hair pins de do yaar wat disgustin . esp just watch todays episode of 24 april jab o game khelte hai 2 min k scene mein 10 bar baal piche karti hai chehre se
nameera saifi # 20 november 2014 in 20:45 0
please see saraswatichandra serial daily
deepa pandey # 20 november 2014 in 20:45 0
Love them
LordGillespie # 20 november 2014 in 20:47 0
love u jenni