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STAR Plus couples give tips to bring love back in your marriage

STAR Plus couples give tips to bring love back in your marriage watch video online

Check out our STAR Plus couples giving tips on how to re-ignite love in your marriage. Also tweet to @STARPlus with #ModernMarriageVows on 17th April, 11 AM onwards to show your love for Akshara - Naitik. Dont forget to watch Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai, Mon-Fri at 9.30PM on STAR Plus.
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Comments (12)
Ana GeunShin SukHye # 20 november 2014 in 19:31 0
Pls give Viraat- Maanvi's Long IV
2305natalie # 20 november 2014 in 19:36 0
Star Plus where is Viren Jeevika. ??? Can we get their offscreen interview please.. Viren & Jeevika ( VIRIKA ) is the best couple I've seen; Karan Tacker & Krystle Dsouza have the chemistry to die for... Love them ;)
Diya Suarez # 20 november 2014 in 19:36 0
Viraat and Maanvi are the Best Jodi !! Their unconditional love .. understadning ..mutual respect ..make them Perfect Couple !1 Plsss LONG JOINT IV of Nia Sharma and Kushal Tandon aka Virman !! Pllsss
Madhu M # 20 november 2014 in 19:38 0
starplus why so kanjoossi ? we love virat manvi the most ???? plzzzzz give us a long virman iv !
NaKsholic # 20 november 2014 in 19:41 0
Naitik Akshara Naksh Rocks!! star plus thanks for the videos :) the best part of the videos are Naksh interview and Yeh Rishta title song playing at the end :)) thank u so much for this :))
HumsafarLover # 20 november 2014 in 19:43 0
VirMan part is adorable But Wish It could be longer.Thank you soo much !
Iqra Tanweer # 20 november 2014 in 19:48 0
plzzzzzzzzzzzzz long iv of virman
aish k # 20 november 2014 in 19:52 0
virat manvi are the best couple there jodi is just outstanding chemistry is unbeatable love dem totally !!!! sp plzz give us a long part we watch ehmmbh just for nia kushal aka virat manvi
Kuch Toh Log Kahenge # 20 november 2014 in 19:54 0
Thank you Star Plus for Naitik-Akshara YRKKH Video. Keep doing Best Work!
Naksh4ever # 20 november 2014 in 19:55 0
Naksh rocks!! the most cutest and adorable couple.. yeh rishta kya kehlata hai is the best!
maneet naksh # 20 november 2014 in 19:56 0
Isn't Karan Mehra fattest and ugliest actor of all that was shown
LauraClaudia AuroraIliescu # 20 november 2014 in 19:57 0