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15 Best Booty Songs of All Time

15 Best Booty Songs of All Time watch video online

Twerking Hall of Fame ►► For all your music needs ►► Speak the truth, man. Sir Mix-a-lot became the voice of reason to a generation of Americans after he sang: Sprung indeed. Which is why I’m happy that we’re livin in 2014- the year of the BOO-TAY. Nicki, Jlo, Bey, and the rest of you who’ve embraced your backsides, you make life worth living. And though we’ve witnessed some phenomenal booty songs debut this year- Despite our collection of 2014 romp shaking singles, today we’re bring you the 15 very best booty shaking songs of all time. - Visit our website! - Facebook Fan Page! - Follow Us! Follow me on Twitter! @Miriamisa Instagram! @Miriam_isa Miriams awesome necklace is from:
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Comments (11)
Tom Matthews # 24 october 2014 in 15:54 0
Wow. All of you idiots at clevver music are very stupid. Can you not see that the vast majority of those videos are made by men objectifying women? Sexist!!!!!!!!!!
NickiFlawlessMinaj # 24 october 2014 in 15:58 0
Anaconda is the best :D #myanacondadontunlessyougotbunshun 
Nora Caroline # 24 october 2014 in 16:00 0
I wish i didn't live in 2014 if you think we are lucky because of all the stupid twerking 
Sesshomaru # 24 october 2014 in 16:00 0
My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard...
Angel Monae # 24 october 2014 in 16:01 0
This woman talking so bold about bootys but I bet she's flat as a board. Also do something about those disgusting looking tits. Tone them up or something.
amitesh kulkarni # 24 october 2014 in 16:03 0
what about all about that base by Meghan Trainor!! its no.1 on billboard hot 100!! I hope you would feature it on part 2!! +Clevver Music 
Jackson July # 24 october 2014 in 16:08 0
Yes and no.Anaconda made it but what about bootylicious
Alex Torres # 24 october 2014 in 16:09 0
Wowowowowow never noticed how identical anaconda is to baby got back
Anne Smith # 24 october 2014 in 16:09 0
This should be top 15 hip hop songs about butts. Because all about that bass is not on here nor the original big but song, fat bottomed girls.
SlayMeShelby # 24 october 2014 in 16:12 0
Jlo's booty song is terrible.
George Howard # 24 october 2014 in 16:14 0
Crazy in Love should be on this! Who could forget Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh!