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Armada Collected: Markus Schulz [OUT NOW!]

Armada Collected: Markus Schulz [OUT NOW!] watch video online

Markus Schulz brand new compilation Armada Collected: Markus Schulz is OUT NOW! Download on iTunes: Listen on Spotify: Grab your copy on Beatport: Order the CD at Armada Shop: Subscribe to Armada TV: Responsible for some of the most spine-tingling melodies and outrageous basslines in the world of electronica, Markus Schulz’s drive and desire to connect and entertain his legions of fans worldwide is unwavering. Regarded by many as the undisputed hardest working man in dance music; the overwhelming passion for DJing and artistry has fuelled his continual creations at an incredible rate. With no signs of slowing down, the Armada Collected series presents a showcase of Markus’ body of work to date; each track embodied by a deep resonance immersed by his followers, accumulated from experiences through his worldwide travails and Global DJ Broadcast radio show. From the singalong happiness of Love Rain Down and Not the Same, to the melancholic moods of Without You Near and Surreal, and from huge anthemic instrumentals such as The New World and Remember This, to fan-inspired “stalker anthems” Nothing Without Me and Erase You; combined with many others, they present a portrait of Markus’ illustrious catalogue. As a special bonus, Armada Collected also presents a series of fresh remixes yielded from Markus’ originals, with recent and distant melodies and vocals from the past revived to tremendous effect. Trailblazer, insane, relentless; the marathon man Markus Schulz continues on his life’s mission; touching the soul of millions worldwide through music. This is his story so far, with so much more to come. Connect with Armada Music Facebook: Twitter: Soundcloud:
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Scrobe # 26 october 2014 in 21:05 0
Just so curious on what's on his left wrist that makes him look 0_0
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please what the first song ? plz
Ciccio Capriccio # 26 october 2014 in 21:11 0
song at 2.50 ?
Birju Naik # 26 october 2014 in 21:12 0
captain of trance music
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Armada Collected: Markus Schulz [OUT NOW!]:
Surrender Reverie # 26 october 2014 in 21:21 0
TrancePure # 26 october 2014 in 21:23 0
Very nice!!!!!!!!
kto matm # 26 october 2014 in 21:24 0
guta guta
IvanxMasterxTV # 26 october 2014 in 21:24 0
The nostalgia... 
ked gutierrez # 26 october 2014 in 21:27 0
ste tipo de cansiones deverian ixsistir
Hana Borutová # 26 october 2014 in 21:31 0
Krásná a povedená hudba...moc se mi líbí!...:::...affairflame
Arturo Kusanagi Martinez # 26 october 2014 in 21:32 0
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Fixing his cuff link.
Bassem Mohamed # 26 october 2014 in 21:48 0
The master himself