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Bakermat - One Day (Vandaag) (Oliver & Matthew K Remix) [Cover Art]

Bakermat - One Day (Vandaag) (Oliver & Matthew K Remix) [Cover Art] watch video online

Bakermat - One Day (Vandaag) (Oliver & Matthew K Remix) available now! iTunes: from Ultra Music Subscribe to Ultra Music - Subscribe to UltraTV - Ultra Music is an American independent electronic music record label based in New York City. Ultras current roster includes Benny Benassi, The Bloody Beetroots, Steve Aoki, Lil Jon, Above & Beyond, Hot Since 82, Faul, Chris Lake, Klingande, Bakermat, Carnage, Mr Probz, Flosstradamus, Hardwell, Henry Krinkle, Chris Malinchak, Storm Queen, Congorock, Adrian Lux, Axwell, TOKiMonsta, and others. Ultra has featured releases from the aforementioned artists and many others including Tiësto, Avicii, Paul van Dyk, Paul Oakenfold, The Crystal Method, Sasha & John Digweed, and others. Ultra Music Online:
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Comments (17)
Pako Ruíz # 24 october 2014 in 17:06 0
Jajaja, ¿qué pedo? ¿es en serio? Es una mamada, toda la canción es igual y ni siquiera tienen un drop, ¿en serio creen vender ésta canción? Jaja, jódanse.
DVBShots Reborn # 24 october 2014 in 17:07 0
no drop and the haters are hating. so typical
UANC1904 # 24 october 2014 in 17:09 0
When I read all these comments all I see is noobs you guys are a bunch of idiots just because you dont get your big room drops or your riddim wood blocks you guys call this shit this is a true sign that edm is going to shit because all you morons and its deep tech this sub genre has been around for longer than half of you have been raving pretty much the roots of edm read a book
hojohija # 24 october 2014 in 17:13 0
i would be better without king's speech... King's speech is better than this.
Markus A. # 24 october 2014 in 17:18 0
its really groovy but its sounds so simple :/ and after minutes it sounds so boring :(
Sherlock Holmes # 24 october 2014 in 17:23 0
Should've gone to a different label with people who appreciate *House*
Krisilun # 24 october 2014 in 17:27 0
leonel martinez # 24 october 2014 in 17:30 0
Just so all you assholes know this is deep house and by the way i'm pretty everyone who have heard this song know that this is repetive
Dark Fusion # 24 october 2014 in 17:33 0
Soo horrible....
DJAbatoOfficial # 24 october 2014 in 17:38 0
Aldo Ugarte Cabrera # 24 october 2014 in 17:43 0
Chia Ve Ka # 24 october 2014 in 17:43 0
Ermmm is this..........?
Alberto Suárez # 24 october 2014 in 17:47 0
pingui43 # 24 october 2014 in 17:52 0
digan lo que digan los haters, me gusto :D, learn spanish :P
Tom Defossez # 24 october 2014 in 17:55 0
well im very open minded about music, but this is too much sry
Floro Tv # 24 october 2014 in 17:56 0
Ezequiel Esdras # 24 october 2014 in 17:58 0
shitty !!