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Beyonce Flashes Boob During Global Citizen Festival Performance?!

Beyonce Flashes Boob During Global Citizen Festival Performance?! watch video online

For all your music needs ►► Nicki Minaj iHeartRadio Performance►► We know Queen B is flawless, but B even manages to have a perfect wardrobe malfunction from time to time. While performing “Holy Grail” with hubby Jay-Z at the Global Citizen Festival over the weekend, the royal goods, aka boobs came out for an unexpected little peep show. B was wearing a Dolce and Gabbana ensemble that consisted of a low cut v-neck blouse and high-waisted pants. A blouse so V cut that B quickly learned it wasn’t very performance proof. So how does Beyonce manage to have a perfect wardrobe malfunction? Well by not really exposing anything at all thanks to a very well thought out, pre-planned nude bra. So no boobs were actually harmed in the making of this malfunction, but no doubt the partial peep show did take B by surprise. Upon realizing that her low cut blouse and signature Beyonce fan were not a good combo, B began to cover her chest with her hand. But being the professional that she is, she knew the show must go on and therefore continued to go full out, nude bra and all. Total pro. How would you have handled the situation if you were in B’s stilettos? Sound off in the comment section below, don’t forget to subscribe to Clevver and then click right over here to check out Nicki Minaj’s iHeartRadio Performance. There aren’t any malfunctions in there, but a plentiful display of skin guaranteed. Thanks for stopping by Clevver Music, I’m Erin Robinson wishing you a happy Monday. - Visit our website! - Facebook Fan Page! - Follow Us!
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Comments (11)
QillerFox # 24 october 2014 in 16:04 0
wearing a shirt like that, you shouldn't be dancing and jumping around like that. what would you expect to happen? -_-
Sixtin Bars # 24 october 2014 in 16:06 0
She was bringing back that B-Day look, amiright beyhive?
Donna Chesser # 24 october 2014 in 16:08 0
Y'all only half way get it!! Yes it was stupid for bet to wear that shirt. It was done on purpose. Janet Jackson did it!! Now its her turn. That's a ritual in Hollywood
Patricia Simpson # 24 october 2014 in 16:08 0
Marc Bellegarde # 24 october 2014 in 16:11 0
that stupid of bey to do. , she know that was gonna happened , of coruse she wear a bra and a blouse to see through . you know what . i am so tired of celebrity try to sexy up for no reason , and don't wear fucking bra even tho' they have too , they always act like they don't know when they boob start to jump out of nowhere , even tho' they do , they just trying to act retarded , so they fan can get all horny for that mistake . and forantully they only doing that for the guys . not for the fan. niki manja know damn well to wear a bra , but act like a shank and try to act stupid that she forgot. a women i know, who wear no bra and where a black dress on ? for real . FUCK THE CELEBRIATY !!! all of them are bunch of whore , hoe , shank , and fucker
Mahe Veukiso # 24 october 2014 in 16:12 0
6th like and 6th comment
Kaan Bayar # 24 october 2014 in 16:14 0
cassie brown # 24 october 2014 in 16:18 0
quacky # 24 october 2014 in 16:23 0
Wow she shouldnt have wore the shirt then.......
Jackson July # 24 october 2014 in 16:27 0
If I was in beyonces stilettos(shoes).And I had a wardrobe malfunction I would just put it back in the bra and laugh and keep on going and apologize at the end of the performance. 
Laurence Eckert # 24 october 2014 in 16:30 0
I doubt it was an accident... Jay and Bey are masters of manipulating the media.. look where we are now, talking about them and their performance.