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JAY-Z - Family Feud ft. Beyoncé

JAY-Z - Family Feud ft. Beyoncé watch video online

Watch Family Feud from JAY-Z’s new album, 4:44 Streaming now on TIDAL - Follow JAY-Z: Facebook: Twitter: Music video by JAY-Z performing Family Feud. (C) 2018 S. Carter Enterprises, LLC. Marketed by Roc Nation & Distributed by Roc Nation/UMG Recordings, Inc.
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Angella Prewitt # 13 january 2018 in 12:07 0
Are people lacking wise influence in their lives so much so they praise these two for imparting... "knowledge"... So sad. I thank God for my mother and grandmother everyday. When we start looking to this type of mockery as wisdom and knowledge we are in a bad place. Please remember everything these two do is to line their pockets. If Beyonce who at one time claimed to be a Christian compromised her convictions to this degree for money what make you think she care about how she influence weak minded people with her propaganda. Jay Z has never believed in God so anything he does is in line with Satan. These people are master illusionist. The few things he said in this song that had some moral value my mother taught me when I was still in elementary school. Sad to see grown folks get excited over primary self discipline.. smh I'm not impressed and on top of that he cheated you all out of a true musical experience compensated by nonsense.. Come on people we got to do better.
Alana Boyd # 13 january 2018 in 12:08 0
Shaquita Parker-Brent # 13 january 2018 in 12:09 0
Nah this video was the best thing I’ve seen in a while
Bulgaria BG # 13 january 2018 in 12:14 0
No class
Siani.Duh # 13 january 2018 in 12:19 0
this goals a king a queen
Damion Davis # 13 january 2018 in 12:23 0
this the most realest music video I've ever watched. Just so many facts!
Jestina Whylley # 13 january 2018 in 12:24 0
"Another one"
Tokyo Pesos # 13 january 2018 in 12:28 0
Ugly billionaire? I’m cute
Roselyn Cano # 13 january 2018 in 12:31 0
Beyoncé as always motherfucking qeeennnn
Monica Martin # 13 january 2018 in 12:31 0
I like the video
Samir Paname # 13 january 2018 in 12:32 0
Jenay Here # 13 january 2018 in 12:37 0
Waleed Saleh # 13 january 2018 in 12:40 0
Yo this is drake song
levean # 13 january 2018 in 12:41 0
Black power at its best
Rakhil T. # 13 january 2018 in 12:41 0
Great cast and script!
GhettoMadness # 13 january 2018 in 12:44 0
I love this track, but man sometime I wish he's videos could go back to the Big Pimpin days - champers, girls, ship, 3mins and done!
Keezy Gutz # 13 january 2018 in 12:44 0
the first seconds sounds lyk the begginin of MOTORSPORT
Rumo Llc # 13 january 2018 in 12:47 0
I wonder if the projects he grew up in are still The Projects?.... Give him an Amen for What.... I Got more wisdom out that Guy with the nose ring's (2Pac) interview in 1992 with MTV...smh
Gemma Van Huenen # 13 january 2018 in 12:47 0
Coolest thing I've seen this yeat
Nathaniel King # 13 january 2018 in 12:48 0
i hope people are paying attention to what Hov is doing! I love it