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MACKLEMORE FEAT DAVE B & TRAVIS THOMPSON - CORNER STORE (Official Music Video) watch video online

GEMINI - AVAILABLE NOW DIRECTED BY - Johnny LeFlare WRITTEN BY Ben Haggerty & Johnny LeFlare CINEMATOGRAPHY BY Mitchell Overton STARRING Macklemore Dave B Travis Thompson PRODUCED BY Honna Kimmerer EDITED BY Mitchell Overton, Johnny LeFlare, Ben Haggerty ASSISTANT EDITOR Phil Harvey 1st ASSISTANT DIRECTOR Paul Dahlke HAIR & MAKEUP Jennifer Popochock Shawn Shelton Luce Cousineau STYLIST Therese Lefebvre FEATURING Isaac Sims Porter Riley O’Donnell PRODUCTION MANAGER Nicola Kirkpatrick ART DEPT Karl LeFevre Darcey Zoller CAMERA DEPT DP - Mitchell Overton - Steadicam - Chris Duerkopp 1st AC - Coty James 2nd AC - Kyle Petitjean Techo Crane - Ryan Haug / Sam Nuttman - Motion State GRIP & ELECTRIC Vince Klimek Michael LePard Shaun Bowlby Chris Taranto Mark Bueing STUNT Stunt Double - Bryan Riggins Coordinator - Tyson Cecka COLOR Bryan Smaller - Company 3 AUDIO Steve Becktold SOUND DESIGN John Buroker - HEARby PRODUCTION ASSISTANTS Antone Patterson Liam Cheskov-Dahlke Keaton Kinnaman Cameron Sage Jake Magraw PLAYBACK Tyler Dopps CRAFTY Justina Renoud Scott Schoening MOHO Dave Nugent Bobbi Gerlick EXTRAS Myles Gouveia, Dane Hilts, Gadisa Margarsa, Francesco Anichini, Dulce Montalvo Chole Landrieu Murphy, Sterling Pearl, Manuel Perez, Kiana Kim Wyld, Jacob Allen SPECIAL THANKS TO: Roger & Anne Kinnaman, Warsame, Shelton Harris, Tricia Davis, Ben Secord, Jim Mosey, Roy Merca, Kristina Rodgers, Debbie Crofts, Ron Leamon, Taylor Durand-Skaggs, Chris Swenson, City of Seattle Office of Film & Music, Seattle Police Department, Seattle Parks Dept, Sam & Summit Public House, Go 4 Nuge, Motion State, Koerner Camera, Jongchul Kim, Joshua Kim, Nigel Beauty, Mario Castro, Nannette Buroker, and Grady Chapman. Macklemore Managed by Zach Quillen & Josh Dick CORNER STORE SONG CREDITS Macklemore Corner Store feat. Dave B & Travis Thompson Performed by Macklemore, Dave B and Travis Thompson Co-Produced by Tyler “Damn Dude” Dopps, Jake One and Sam Wish Written by: B. Haggerty; D. Bowman; T. Thompson; J. Dutton; T. Dopps; J. Karp Lyrics by Ben Haggerty, David Bowman and Travis Thompson Synth by Jake One Drum Programming by Tyler “Damn Dude” Dopps Bass Programming by Tyler “Damn Dude” Dopps Horns by Joshua Karp Additional vocals by Tyler Andrews Mixed by Jon Castelli at The Gift Shop, DTLA Mastered by Dale Becker Mastering Assistant – Mandy Adams Engineered by Tyler Dopps Engineer for Mix Ingmar Carlson Bengal Yucky (BMI) David Bowman (BMI) Travis Thompson (BMI) Jacob Dutton (ASCAP) / Momo Elena Music (ASCAP) / Warner Chappell Tyler Matthews Dopps (BMI) Gutterfunk (ASCAP) Samuel Benjamin Wishkoski (ASCAP) / Swish You Were Here Music (ASCAP) © 2017 Bendo, LLC. All rights reserved.
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Macklemore LLC # 7 february 2018 in 16:05 0
linkgerman CR # 7 february 2018 in 16:08 0
this kid Travis is fire
ken l # 7 february 2018 in 16:11 0
Kong Vault on fleek 3:18
Lukas Mikadze # 7 february 2018 in 16:16 0
This is better than Gucci gang or any of the 2018 shit
Laura Palacios # 7 february 2018 in 16:20 0
ThaddeusHoops # 7 february 2018 in 16:25 0
little mitt romney # 7 february 2018 in 16:28 0
The store is: 530 Summit Ave E Seattle WA 98102 and it’s on Capitol Hill for anyone wanting to go there.
Josh Dowell # 7 february 2018 in 16:28 0
Just know that all that beer is warm and shook up
javi zaragoza # 7 february 2018 in 16:32 0
Why only ten million
Chris Flores # 7 february 2018 in 16:34 0
Dave B thooo
Bapir D-G # 7 february 2018 in 16:39 0
Really good song
FrankieNomNom # 7 february 2018 in 16:41 0
Mango hi-chews are gross as fuck
Emil S. # 7 february 2018 in 16:41 0
piano tiles # 7 february 2018 in 16:43 0
Why only 10 million
Luc Cro # 7 february 2018 in 16:43 0
Tina Morrow # 7 february 2018 in 16:43 0
Sequim Washington ha
Jk hockey #43 # 7 february 2018 in 16:43 0
Posted at the corner store
troy 300 # 7 february 2018 in 16:44 0
Julian Escalante # 7 february 2018 in 16:48 0
Vicent Vázquez # 7 february 2018 in 16:52 0
Puta, qué flow