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One Direction Called Out By Paramore Singer For Copying Song

One Direction Called Out By Paramore Singer For Copying Song watch video online

7 Things You Didnt Know About 1D ►► For all your music needs ►► The world might be collectively jamming out to One Direction’s newest song, but there’s one artist who is just not feeling it. Hayley Williams from Paramore has taken to Twitter to point out the fact that the beginning of 1D’s song “Steal My Girl” sounds just a little too close for comfort to the New Found Glory song “It’s Not Your Fault.” Sharing her thoughts via social media, the singer tweeted out this: “Beginning of that new 1D song couldnt sound any more like the beginning of @newfoundglorys its not your fault but” And she also added the popular “But that’s none of my business” Kermit the Frog meme. She continued: “I realize that Im gonna get hate from a very large fanbase for that. But really, it has more to do w/ whoever pitched or cowrote the song.” Well, it apparently it was co-written by Liam and Louis, so really, the diss is geared toward the band it looks like. Though there’s a good chance she probably didn’t know that. Anyways, Chad Gilbert of New Found Glory also tweeted about it saying: Props to the @onedirection steal my girl single for reworking the its not your fault piano part into a top 40 single. Let me get a cut but then backtracked by saying: Wow did not realize this was gonna be a story. Its not a story. My original tweet was a joke anyway. Music influences music. No one cares Thank you! Can we please stress that Chad was joking here? And at the end of the day, if One Direction was subconsciously influenced by Newfound Glory, I take that as a compliment. But we’ve gotta add that this isn’t the first time 1D’s been accused of ripping off music, since some say the intro of “Live While We’re Young” was taken from a song from The Clash, while others think “Midnight Memories” was taken from Def Leopard’s “Pour Some Sugar On Me.” Well, we want YOU guys to be the judge, so here’s a quick listen to the intro of “Steal My Girl”: And now New Found Glory’s “It’s Not Your Fault”: And wait, dare we say we also hear a bit of Journey’s “Faithfully” in there too? OK, you’ve seen the evidence, now we want you guys to make a conclusion. What’s going on here? Do you think this is too similar to not be a bit of copy-catting? Or were they merely inspired by their music? We love all these tracks at the end of theday. Hit the comments to start the debate, and for even more 1D goodness, click HERE to learn a few things you might not have known about them. And make sure you subscribe to Clevver Music to always get your latest updates. I’m your host Joslyn Davis, thanks for watching. - Visit our website! - Facebook Fan Page! - Follow Us!
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Comments (20)
Emma Utke # 24 october 2014 in 16:46 0
They're just jealous of 1D
Keddie Vobaine # 24 october 2014 in 16:46 0
One Direction do steal music everybody know this.Their fans need to open their fucking ears up if they don't.Get over yourself they fucking suck so bad they have to steal other peoples music and don't try to say they've probably never heard the song it's like fucking every sing one of their songs.Sorry not Sorry
One Direction Fan Page ❤ # 24 october 2014 in 16:48 0
*I think this is just a bunch of crap. They didn't "steal the song" There are SOO many songs out there, so yes, there will be some similarities* ~Claudia 
Soccerlover⚽ # 24 october 2014 in 16:52 0
go paramore!! MUCH better than 1D!!! they r tots copycats!!(meeoowww)
mialolm # 24 october 2014 in 16:55 0
This has to be like the 20th time One direction have had similar sounding songs to other people. Whoever does this needs to be fired. 
British_Corgis # 24 october 2014 in 16:59 0
For those of you comparing the two bands, you may notice a few ('few') differences between the two. 1D is a BOYband. Paramore is a normal band. 1D has five main singers. Paramore has 1 lead singer, a bassist, lead guitarist and a temp. drummer+rhythm guitarist. They make totally different styles of music too. I'm not hating on 1D, because I don't hate them, however you can't compare them to Paramore because they literally have no similarites whatsover. 
Happy Socks # 24 october 2014 in 17:04 0
I think Journey should sue em' all.
loubearmine99 # 24 october 2014 in 17:07 0
Why the fuck Hayley sucks shit everyone copies everyone so WHT and one direction is awesome 
Drake Basso # 24 october 2014 in 17:12 0
These guys have stolen stuff from The Beatles, Queen, Def Leppard, Green Day, The Clash, blink-182, Social Distortion, Kelly Clarkson, Backstreet Boys, N'SYNC, Avril Lavigne, Clubfeet, etc. and now they're stealing from New Found Glory? Wow, just shows how unoriginal this talentless, whiny boy band is. They're very lucky that they got away with all this cause they should be either fined hundreds of millions or sentenced to years in prison for all of their ripoffs, Lol. Even the name of their tour "Where We Are" is a ripoff of a 2009 studio album from Westlife. Not to mention that pretty much all of their songs sound the same.
mandy razon # 24 october 2014 in 17:13 0
AnGeL KniGHTz # 24 october 2014 in 17:14 0
Paramore > one direction shit
Ryan Garza # 24 october 2014 in 17:18 0
One Direction copying from other people? What a shock!!!
Abrienna Carter # 24 october 2014 in 17:21 0
I hope people know that they're oh so many beats to use without "copying". As long as the lyrics aren't the same then it's not copying lol, people get pissed over everything.
LexiexLoco # 24 october 2014 in 17:21 0
Look, fact of the matter is, there are only so many chords or tunes (or whatever you call it for it's respective instrument) that can be played or can be put together. The song is similar to It's Not Your Fault (NFG), Faithfully (Journey), and The Winner Takes It All (ABBA). It happens. It's music. They're all similar to each other, but it doesn't matter. Music changes and grows, and everyone adds their own touch to everything. Who gives a fuck?
Juliana L # 24 october 2014 in 17:25 0
DID ANYONE EVER THINK THAT MAYBE ONE DIRECTION NEVER HEARD THAT SONG BEFORE AND JUST THOUGHT OF IT THEMSELVES?!?! no nobody did of course bc this is hollywood and EVERYBODYS a bad guy. its just a whole big screwed up game of lets see who can diss more people and now its affecting the hottest band in the world? no thank you. -every directioner that ever stepped foot on this earth
Kel zor # 24 october 2014 in 17:28 0
Steal my girl.. more like steal yo song haha. (I'm kidding I'm kidding)
Amity Rose # 24 october 2014 in 17:31 0
You guys can't be serious right now lool. This is definelty not the first time the boys have done this. That's partially why i'm upset. Its like damn someone calls you a cheater and you shrug it off and cheat again. And don't give me any shit b/c the beginning of the songs sound exactly the same. Oh and "there's only so much you can do with the chords" are you guys for real lool. Where did you read that off of? Obviously someone biased by the boys. And im biased too, that's the only reason why I haven't totally exploded is because I love them. BUT CMON. Stop acting so BLIND and IGNORANT. If any of you have studied music or even the piano solely you know there is much more that COULD HAVE BEEN DONE. WHY THE FUCK DID THEY HIRE SOMEONE WHO CANT MAKE ORIGINAL MUSIC. Seriously, NO ONE FORCED THEM TO USE THAT BEAT. They could have easily used another and the song could have been just as good. I mean cmon on its 1D. Don't tell me you guys wouldn't have loved it regardless. Another thing that pisses me of is that the boys NEVER HAVE ANYTHING TO SAY WHEN SHIT LIKE THIS HAPPEN. I remember last it was Midnight Memories and they didn't do anything. I get sometimes when you creating music and idea that has already been used may come to your head because that has happened to me before..but IF YOUR A FUCKING SONGWRITER ITS YOUR RESPONSIBLITY TO DO BACKGROUND CHECKS AND MAKE SURE THAT YOUR NOT "STEALING" SOMEONES SHIT.
kay more # 24 october 2014 in 17:36 0
There annoyed because steal my girl got bigger 
Sian Edmonstone # 24 october 2014 in 17:41 0
I can't be the only person that thinks this but I really don't think they sound to similar because they are all in different keys and have got slightly different notes in them and I'm not just saying this because I am a huge Directioners and would say anything to back up our boys.
Valerie Kirby # 24 october 2014 in 17:44 0
When that horrible 1d music fame on I screamed turn it off who else did this