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Steve Aoki feat. Machine Gun Kelly - Free the Madness (Official Video)

Steve Aoki feat. Machine Gun Kelly - Free the Madness (Official Video) watch video online

Preorder Steve Aokis Neon Future I album on iTunes and receive Free The Madness, Delirious (Boneless) and Rage The Night Away instantly: Steve Aoki feat. Machine Gun Kelly - Free the Madness available now on Beatport: from Ultra Music Subscribe to Ultra Music - Subscribe to UltraTV - Ultra Music is an American independent electronic music record label based in New York City. Ultras current roster includes Benny Benassi, The Bloody Beetroots, Steve Aoki, Lil Jon, Above & Beyond, Hot Since 82, Faul, Chris Lake, Klingande, Bakermat, Carnage, Mr Probz, Flosstradamus, Hardwell, Henry Krinkle, Chris Malinchak, Storm Queen, Congorock, Adrian Lux, Axwell, TOKiMonsta, and others. Ultra has featured releases from the aforementioned artists and many others including Tiësto, Avicii, Paul van Dyk, Paul Oakenfold, The Crystal Method, Sasha & John Digweed, and others. Ultra Music Online:
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Comments (13)
MarioKID99 | King of Random # 26 october 2014 in 18:10 0
It kind looks like Breaking Bad :L
droitega # 26 october 2014 in 18:11 0
That Jesse wannabe ruined the song
Olga Podmogaeva # 26 october 2014 in 18:16 0
Haha welcome to musem of 21th сentury #steveaoki #machinegunkelly 
Walter White # 26 october 2014 in 18:16 0
This video is completely inaccurate me and Jesse did not wear hazmat suits when we were in the RV. Jesses meth was better than this 
josecarlos gomez # 26 october 2014 in 18:21 0
Kells you ate fucking your music man 
postman pat # 26 october 2014 in 18:22 0
What the fuck is this shit? Mgk your better than this shit
Jacob Albrecht (Official) # 26 october 2014 in 18:26 0
Usually, I hate Steve Aoki. But when I saw that MGK was working with him, I was amazed. This song is freaking awesome, and I feel like Steve has gained some respect from me from working with MGK. If the whole album sounds like this, then I'll be willing to buy it. This song is just so addicting. Taking one of my favorite rappers and fusing that with Big Room House/a good EDM melody is just awesome! :D
only28dayslate # 26 october 2014 in 18:27 0
I remember when Electronic/Dance music like this was respectably separating itself from all other music. Then the swagcunts had to go out of their way just to turn it into an orgy of crap with their senseless rhymes.
Apulux # 26 october 2014 in 18:29 0
Check my music out, huge fan of MGK .
Matěj Rajmont # 26 october 2014 in 18:33 0
In 4th season was Jesse wearing Steve Aoki t-shirt! :)
Luigi Keynes # 26 october 2014 in 18:34 0
Steve Aoki me cae muy mal, pero hace buena música
ThePieMan159 # 26 october 2014 in 18:37 0
Damn, I though MGK was black 
AJBK # 26 october 2014 in 18:41 0
Hey that RV is like the one Walter White uses in The Walking Dead!