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Taylor Swift “Out of the Woods” Full Song & Lyrics about Harry Styles!

Taylor Swift “Out of the Woods” Full Song & Lyrics about Harry Styles! watch video online

13 Things You Didnt Know About Taylor ►► For all your music needs ►► It’s hereeeeee! Taylor Swift has FINALLY debuted a second track off her 1989 album and we we OB-SESSED. Just when you thought Tay couldn’t top the perfection that is “Shake It Off,” she debuts “Out of the Woods” and just proves how FREAKING talented she is. The track isn’t her latest single off her upcoming album — that drops on October 27, by the way — but a promo song Taylor said she feels best represents the album as a whole. Take a listen. Chilling good, right? The haunting pop track was produced and co-written by fun. and Bleach-er’s Jack Antonoff, aka the BF of her BFF Lena Dunham, and these two are like a musical dream team. Though Taylor won’t admit outright that the song is about her ex Harry Styles, one lyric in particular prettyyyy much confirms it’s TOTALLY about him. At one point in the song, Taylor belts out these lyrics: “Looking at it now, Last December, we were built to fall apart, Then fall back together, Your necklace hanging from my neck, The night we couldn’t quite forget” Remember when Haylor sparked romance rumors when Taylor was seen wearing Harry’s neck-lace? Yep, we see you girl. Nothing gets past us! Another ominous set of lyrics comes when Taylor mentions the snow skiing accident she and Harry were reportedly part of in December 2012, and how emotional it was — he cried, you guys! Ms. Swift also mentions a possible nod to breaking up with HIM when she sings about set-ting him free. But then she also references monsters being trees, which, offers some comedic relief. Taylor herself spilled a fun little detail on Twitter after the song’s release saying this: “For the next 13 days leading up to 1989, Ill be posting one lyric from each of the 13 tracks each day. #1989” Let the speculation begin! Taylor also adorably fangirled on Instagram after the song went to number one and say she couldn’t even handle it. We’re with you, girl. What do YOU guys think of “Out of the Woods”? Is it even better than “Shake It Off”?! Hit the comments to get the conversation started, then click right on over here to get schooled on some fun facts about our girl T-Swift. Also, make sure you hit that subscribe button too. I”m your host Misty Kingma, thank you oh so much for watching. See you around! - Visit our website! - Facebook Fan Page! - Follow Us! - Follow Misty!
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Comments (12)
loubearmine99 # 24 october 2014 in 15:52 0
You wanna know why she says it's about HARRY STYLES becuz she wants DIRECTIONER to go hear the song an video so she can get view like wtf !
Nic Lee # 24 october 2014 in 15:57 0
1- calm the shit down 2- stop judging taylor 3- she didn't talk shit about harry 4- she was singing about their memories 5- SHUT UP IF YOU GUYS HAVE NOTHING GOOD TO SAY. ( im a directioner AND swiftie)
Anni Stylinson # 24 october 2014 in 16:02 0
I'm a directioner myself, but jesus, some people in this fandom need to take a big fucking step back and calm down. This song doesn't say one bad word about harry, so srsly please shut up. You don't need to "protect" harry, he's a grown up MAN and can handle his own relationships. Taylor can write about whatever the fuck she wants, so if you don't like her music then stay the fuck away from her songs and stop commenting shit on how "she's trying to get directioners' attention so she'll get more views" she doesn't need our views, did you possibly know that swifties can keep her number one for years lol i've spoken bye
Jamie Courtney # 24 october 2014 in 16:02 0
As Bo Burnham once sang, "repeat stuff, repeat stuff, repeat stuff, repeat stuff, repeat stuff, repeat stuff"
Jude Moukala # 24 october 2014 in 16:04 0
shake it off is better
Sarah B. # 24 october 2014 in 16:06 0
WILL YOU PEOPLE STOP WITH THE HATE?! Yes, I'm a Directioner, and no, it ain't about Harry. Making a vid like this is plain disrespectful! Is it truly any of your business who she wrote the song about? No! Just enjoy the song if you like it, or ignore it if you don't. I'm sorry to all you swifties because SOME OF US ARE RUDE AF! 
Nina Werger # 24 october 2014 in 16:10 0
I can't find "out of the woods" on YouTube!! Could someone give me a link??
Anne Smith # 24 october 2014 in 16:15 0
That song is the opposite of perfection. All her songs are annoying and sond the same 
Gisela R # 24 october 2014 in 16:15 0
Lmao the only reason she broke up with him was because he was too nice to dump her. 
LpsAce # 24 october 2014 in 16:19 0
Whear can I listen to the song? I can't find it on youtube
mysterymakeable # 24 october 2014 in 16:22 0
Where can we listen? And also first, i feel like its mandatory
Hannah Liu # 24 october 2014 in 16:23 0
By the way if you haven't noticed, she doesn't say one bad thing about the guy in the song and portrays him as a good person! So stop the unnecessary hate cause it's all just stupid