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Taylor Swifts Hilarious Bake It Off Parody Video with Jamie Oliver

Taylor Swifts Hilarious Bake It Off Parody Video with Jamie Oliver watch video online

Tswift “Welcome To New York” Teaser►► For all your music needs ►► Taylor Swift teams up with Jamie Oliver for a little bake off and a “Bake It Off” parody. Since Taylor is basically an amateur professional chef what better way to support Stand Up To Cancer than with a “Shake It Off” parody with celebrity chef Jamie Oliver? It starts with Taylor arriving in Jamie’s kitchen for the bake off and she just can’t seem to get his name right… After some more awkward “are you ready’s?” Taylor says, “I guess!” and the color comes on the screen and the track starts. Jamie starts singing her popular song but changes the words to his liking but Tay is not having any of it. Meanwhile Jamie tries to steal Taylor’s ingredients and she’s pissed, even giving Jamie the “L” loser sign on her forehead. Finally, Jamie pulls some cray cray dance moves out that convinces Taylor to let loose in the kitchen too and (Duh) food fight ensues. After Taylor’s cute rabbit dance moves she manages to pull out the win for the bake off with an impressive tower chocolate cake complete with sparklers. Check out the video to donate to Stand Up To Cancer yourself and for more Taylor just click this box for a preview of her new 1989 song “Welcome to New York”! Be sure to sub to ClevverMusic before you go and as always I’m Misty Kingma have a great day! - Visit our website! - Facebook Fan Page! - Follow Us!
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(I can't believe I'm first comment and second like and view) btw, it was hilarious!
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I love the color of the mixer! I have that mixer in the same pink color!!! :)
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Omg I love this, I cldn't stop laughing!! Major props to Taylor and Jamie!!
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'i baked it of jim' lol
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Hilarious!! I love Taylor's humour!!! 
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There is only 23 veiws #23veiwer
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52nd viewer xxx
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I am first and I am stupid
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Taylor Swift's Hilarious "Bake It Off" Parody Vid…:
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Haha, that's great. Jamie is great and so is Taylor.
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