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Tj vevo-beatbox

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Ig@ they.kraveemarii
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Comments (5)
Harlin Kaur # 13 january 2018 in 08:03 0
good work Bipul
Jagdip Singh # 13 january 2018 in 08:04 0
Great Work Bipul sian, love it. Keep it up, upcoming bhomiea ;)
Balpartap Singh # 13 january 2018 in 08:07 0
I have right to speech. If you are making something public, I WILL SPEAK . Yes i do listen to bohemia, coz oh ohi sunaunda hai jo ohdi aap beeti hai, he is use to drugs. And you guys are one influenced by his way of rapping, see you are giving me examples of singers that is what exactly i want you to understand . Be yourself . Wadhiyaa Sardaaran de munde hoke nashe pateyaan wal kad peh gaye ? I category YO YO as same urs . I am fan of talent not people. Again THINK BIG !
Balpartap Singh # 13 january 2018 in 08:12 0
guys this song is full of Depression ! if somethng is wrong with u .. plan out things, right ? dun make such stupid songs , bhang, nasha cigaar , sukhaan waali kalam . STUPID STUFF ! Nashe ton bahar aao te duniyaa vekho .. eddan karde rahe taan sucidal attempt honge lokaan ch .. thing big and talk REAL . Take this advice seriously if you want to grow and if not .. take it as comment against this song . Take care
clearwater # 13 january 2018 in 08:12 0
I am so fucking high right now lol