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5ive Live: Chetan Bhagat Stokes Communal Fire Over Cracker Ban

5ive Live: Chetan Bhagat Stokes Communal Fire Over Cracker Ban watch video online

Author, Chetan Bhagat has stirred a massive controversy by hitting out at the Supreme Court ban on firecrackers in the Delhi NCR region. Whats Diwali for children without crackers? Chetan Bhagat asked soon after the Supreme Court upheld its ban on the sale of firecrackers in Delhi and NCR regions until November 1. ___ About Channel: India Today TV is Indias leading English News Channel. India Today YouTube channel offers latest news videos on Politics, Business, Cricket, Bollywood, Lifestyle, Auto, Technology, Travel, Entertainment and a lot more. Stay tuned for latest updates and in-depth analysis of News from India and around the World! ___ Subscribe To India Today : _ Follow us: Official Website: Twitter: Facebook:
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Comments (20)
bha tri # 12 october 2017 in 12:03 0
I suggest hon. supreme court judges chamberA/C units should be off once / twice a week in summer and totally off in winter. Let’s all be contributors.
murali godavarthy # 12 october 2017 in 12:08 0
Most polluted city in the world Beijing celebrating new year with fire Crackers. Because there are no pseudo Sicular and
selectively secular idiots in China like India.

There are other 364 days where you can control air pollution if you and government have a will. Remember if you have to be fit you need to exercise all 365 days. Just one day exercise won't make you fit for whole year.
Alexander prince # 12 october 2017 in 12:12 0
Pls don't ban crackers and don't let down the people. Let them all die of air pollution instead
Takdir Madhavi # 12 october 2017 in 12:17 0
bina AC ke ek din raheke dikaho pahile....Bade paryavarn wale
Shouryodeep Chakraborty # 12 october 2017 in 12:22 0
Will supreme court lawyers stop riding cars ?
Amit .singh # 12 october 2017 in 12:27 0
For congress ram never exists so they are happy they always react when minority are targeted. Hindus are always been targeted court shout ban on diya and canceled and even burning people when they dead there body should chopped and given to animals court should Also consider this.
Siddhesh More # 12 october 2017 in 12:31 0
I support chetan
saurabhvats007 # 12 october 2017 in 12:35 0
Bloody Hindus shud stop breathing
vinayak jadhav # 12 october 2017 in 12:40 0
Ban or shutdown the factories and plants surrounding delhi releasing smoke and gases that are harmless. Only then its fair to ban crackers..Same rule for all.
shubham sinha # 12 october 2017 in 12:40 0
First of all I don't like the noise and air pollution from Diwali and i accept that crackers were never a part of it , but banning it without even asking from General public and selectively targeting Hindu festival clearly shows that our country is not safe for Hindu anymore as its becoming Islamic everyday ,in many places dangerous demographic change has been already done.If asked to give up crackers i would have given it up so do most of the Hindus but suddenly banning without even asking people about it and continuous dual standard when it comes to bloodless Eid.

To be frank , i planned a very limited amount of cracker for Diwali like Phul jari , Tara mandal etc and a strick no to Bombs. But now i would buy 10-15 times (Even more depending on savings) more than what i used to buy and would pollute the air so much that all "anti-Hindu" + me die in my mother land Bharat. I would burn plastic and other harmful things to teach anti-Hindu people a lesson, if Bharat can't be of Hindus we wouldn't let any anti-Hindu take it .

I would rather die and would contribute to sound pollution (Azaan of Muslims is also Sound pollution but nobody dares to ban it) and air pollution rather than seeing my country becoming Islamic day by day ,I would accept death of my small Hindu family rather than seeing bigger Hindu family selectively targeted by all anti-Hindu people.

I would had ripped the speakers apart for selectivity targeting Hindu festival
dnezekiel # 12 october 2017 in 12:40 0
Swach Bharath means do not pollute - the Air and Land. Its about pollution asshole
Bharti Indian # 12 october 2017 in 12:42 0
How can this be a solution to the country's pollution?Delhi's pollution is because of other reasons like vehicle pollution,industrialisation ,lack of trees etc.until and unless these problems are not solved , pollution will not be controlled!.why hurt the sentiments of hindus by banning crackers of one day?
Arya Bhatt # 12 october 2017 in 12:44 0
I and surprised how Indian people are allowing the judiciary to make policy decisions and erode the power and authority of the people. Indians should ignore the SC and ask the Govt and parliament to arrest and remove these judges. Only the directly elected representatives of the people should make policy and law....
Narendra Dani # 12 october 2017 in 12:45 0
Bursting of fire crackers is a fundamental right! Well isn't that too much? What about other fundamental rights? Never heard this gentleman raising his voice in d defence of them.
Narendra Dani # 12 october 2017 in 12:48 0
From a bestselling author to a bestselling self-styled messiah of Hindus. Chetan has made good progress n at d right time.
Kinsey Singh # 12 october 2017 in 12:51 0
Yaar..We all know he is a BJP sympathiser. So he had to put a communal angle. What's the problem.
Sourabh Kurhekar # 12 october 2017 in 12:55 0
Any answer to a Hindu bullshit, cannot be a muslim bullshit... these so called intellectuals need to learn.
Himanshu Zaveri # 12 october 2017 in 12:58 0
Ban driving cars, ban all plastics, ban all chemical factory. Why only Crackers.
Akshay Chaitanya # 12 october 2017 in 13:00 0
Diwali is a festival of removing internal - external dust. Please use some brain.
Shivendra kumar Sky # 12 october 2017 in 13:01 0
Lag Gye...gud one..