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Christopher Cantwell - Radical Agenda S03E002 – Degeneracy Today

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Aeons # 7 february 2018 in 12:04 0
Best podcast in the alt right.
jordan w # 7 february 2018 in 12:07 0
civil war is coming prepare yourselves.
Goysson # 7 february 2018 in 12:10 0
Haha that intro was perfect
Erik Hoermann # 7 february 2018 in 12:15 0
Good show your intro is a lil exhausting.
gam ma # 7 february 2018 in 12:20 0
2:38:00 why he recommended checking the iq? i didnt quite get it
Christopher Smith # 7 february 2018 in 12:22 0
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victor pross # 7 february 2018 in 12:24 0
PROSSCAST on the borders - find out why the 'open border' anarchists look pretty silly pushing for statism.

An “open border” means there is still a government in place - replete with its “hate speech laws” and disarming people and the welfare state. Ok? If the idea of anarchism is to reduce the degree of violence in the world, the open state border “anarchists” are failing big time. If you heard my podcast, you know I am for door number three: private property norms.

Studio2 Hansel and Gretel # 7 february 2018 in 12:29 0
I honestly can't tell if this is a satire or real? In this day and age, who can tell?
Helke # 7 february 2018 in 12:33 0
I hate callers.
Traditionalist Western Art # 7 february 2018 in 12:36 0
Chris, no matter what else happens - you've earned your place in Valhalla
Amandadon Osaurus # 7 february 2018 in 12:40 0
So excited to see you putting up podcasts again! Thanks for all you do Cantwell!
Bruno the European Doberman # 7 february 2018 in 12:44 0
pittbulls are good but dobermans are better
Praetorian # 7 february 2018 in 12:45 0
Dirt bike gangs are a thing in Philly as well. I hate those fucking nig-nogs.
Corneliu Codreanu # 7 february 2018 in 12:46 0
lol. "Trad wives" is not something you find.. at least not anymore. It's something you make. Just find a relative good looking woman that isn't a raving lunatic, and then make her your trad wife.
adam dressler # 7 february 2018 in 12:49 0
Once Cubans reach 3rd generation in the US, they become Commie.
Ryk Salmons # 7 february 2018 in 12:50 0
actually there's something called an easement on property meaning that if you bought property that was behind or even surrounded they have to give you away in and out or you're able to put a road in for your way in and out
Doom Guard # 7 february 2018 in 12:53 0
Anybody who feeds gunpowder to a dog should be force-fed some napalm.
SHITHOLE COUNTRIES # 7 february 2018 in 12:55 0
The 'pogram'. Don't tell me I'm the only one that gets it
SHITHOLE COUNTRIES # 7 february 2018 in 12:59 0
Honestly, you're 2nd only to Murdoch Murdoch..
Shiksa Knows # 7 february 2018 in 13:01 0
I really hope he can get Dr. Duke on, their short conversation while Chris was in jail was a tease.