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New Video Of Chinas Firing Exercise In Tibet Emerges

New Video Of Chinas Firing Exercise In Tibet Emerges watch video online

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Comments (14)
Dante Salazar # 7 august 2017 in 16:04 0
the chinese cowards are intimidating the cinese w their live fire exercise,all their bullets and rockets,will gone once they face the indians,they will wear their cannons w exercises,the chinese cowards,kill only rats and grasshoppers in the fields
Amarjit Singh # 7 august 2017 in 16:04 0
in order to counter china's adamant aggressive posture on Doglam, /Barasoti /Arunachal etc Indian media/ govt must expose and isolate china's similar dirty posture in illegal expansion in the south china sea, ..... Indian media should be formally telling china that china has dirty psyche to create its unilateral unfounded claims over territories everywhere, with all other nations sharing boundary, china is supporting terrorist state Pakistan, even in trade china has been unfair to all nations with more to export from china and lesser imports to china, and china is making smaller nations trapped in debts, ... china has become a major threat to global peace ..... the bottom line is that the most sensitive issue to the West alliance ( America and its allies) is of of china's illegal claims over the south china sea violating international laws ..... India must join in proactively with the West alliance in isolating china on the issue of south china sea ....
ghost # 7 august 2017 in 16:05 0
This is no mind game, china will fire at will
两口肉一口焖饭 # 7 august 2017 in 16:06 0
in 50 years, there will be no india in the world
Thinker # 7 august 2017 in 16:10 0
Why not dividing the border equally on both sides or Agree to make it demilitarize zone....that would be a best solution right now ... or else challenge each other with a game of counter strike ;D bloodless way to solve conflict...whoever wins let them have doklam ... :D :D
RTK # 7 august 2017 in 16:12 0
Why we not held military excersie in Arunachal or in Assam.( we not want any war)
Saleem Najar # 7 august 2017 in 16:16 0
Singh T. Junior # 7 august 2017 in 16:20 0
I suspect that China's Xi JinPing has lot asked for permission from Mr. Lobsang Sangay, president of Tibet, to enter his country and do fireworks and other circus related activities.
TheNationalLeague # 7 august 2017 in 16:22 0
O.K so one presenter is in the studio.

He tries to get "update" from their "reporter". Who is also in the studio.

Then why don't they just stand next to one another and just presrnt their channel's agenda.
Alien Nations # 7 august 2017 in 16:23 0
Strange how Google news does not report anything about this CHini aggression !?? Thank you India today. The Chini's will pay as the world watches their aggression across several countries. Funny these chini's like to think they are smart, yet they haven't invented anything for the 100 years! Maybe we should wipe them out, like Iraq, as they have nothing to offer humanity, but invading and copying everything we invent ? Slaving their own people? Organ harvesting prisoners, prosecution of Fulon Gong, occupying TIBET, and soooooo much more nasty stuff. And all the chini's comments demonstrate their education is very poor, as most chini's say dumb stuff. I sure they will not be missed on the World stage. Chin'as exports 2017, warmongering, invading disputed areas, lying about GDP, money and Billionaires leaving in droves, foreign investment dropping dropping to a trickle. WELL DONE china - Nobody Trusts you now, you're on par with PAkistan, you both have so much in common, good luck with trying to hide this from the international community. PS. Greetings from Europe, we are noting behaviour.
Cher steven # 7 august 2017 in 16:26 0
China is not threatening. Is giving india a chance to withdraw while still can. India incursion warrants an immediate attack from China. India should stop all bullshit that they are standing up for Butan. India controls & suppress Butan & Nepal. Same goes for the other north eastern small states. When Nepal was hit by massive earth quake, it was China that has helped Nepal extensively, not india. What india sees in these small states are nothing but subservient vassals. To those who are aware of india's agenda, india stinks like your backward slumps. All these will be exposed just like filthy stench that cannot be contained.
Arun K L # 7 august 2017 in 16:27 0
Chinese bastards have become arrogant due to the fuking economic growth they had........

Now no fuking interesting thing is happening there, that's why these bastard are playing some shitty games like a bitch..........
Mohinder Partap # 7 august 2017 in 16:31 0
Dil diya hai jaan bhi denge ooo batan tere liye.
Nepal Tourism # 7 august 2017 in 16:34 0
Indians just started peeing on their dirty paints.