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The Chambers Brothers - Time Has Come Today (Audio)

The Chambers Brothers - Time Has Come Today (Audio) watch video online

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Comments (20)
James Pocelinko # 13 april 2018 in 08:05 0
cut to Ash's hand crawling towards the cabin
Mike D. # 13 april 2018 in 08:06 0
Forrest Gump!!!!
Mike Ervin # 13 april 2018 in 08:09 0
What about the long version? such a great song an anthem, I wished the kids today could hear this and understand what we went through, maybe then we could appreciate each other more and what we all want to attain that is peace. instead of trying to kill each other,especially the gangs,what a shame, and for what? I live in California and it's become a nightmare, so for you people out there who have no respect for human life and are anarchist then you need to read more history if you can read and look at happened as result, so if you want to continue in your own pitiful state then you need to go.. this not human behavior, if you even know what that is
Sergeant Camacho # 13 april 2018 in 08:11 0
I remember this song from the movie "Remember the Titans"...
E.K. Jr. # 13 april 2018 in 08:14 0
The Simpsons S29 E13- 3 Scenes Plus a Tag from a Marriage brought me here!
first last # 13 april 2018 in 08:16 0
vietnam flashbacks intensify
Nan Fagan # 13 april 2018 in 08:17 0
I had just turned 11 when this song first came out. A very powerful song!
guleiro # 13 april 2018 in 08:20 0
Roman J Israel brought me here.
Rebel.3 .Radio # 13 april 2018 in 08:25 0
Riding The Bullet
SuperTibba # 13 april 2018 in 08:26 0
fantástico bom demais!!!!
Mike Buttfild # 13 april 2018 in 08:31 0
Used to be extremely buzzed when I listened, it's like an anthem to being wasted.
R W # 13 april 2018 in 08:32 0
Iconic ...... what a piece of music!! All time great !
DEATHBYFLYINGCDS # 13 april 2018 in 08:32 0
The band was paid next to nothing and get no royalties for all of their music... As such would everyone please pirate and share their music, to give a big FU to the record companies that refuse to pay
CrossOver # 13 april 2018 in 08:36 0
Harambe: Skull Island
psychedelicpiper # 13 april 2018 in 08:36 0
Screw you VEVO. Where's the royalties for the band? They're living paycheck to paycheck.
2bressler # 13 april 2018 in 08:41 0
music will never be the same
K HUNTER # 13 april 2018 in 08:41 0
Denzil Washington brought me here. Just finished watching Roman J. Israel Esq.,...but my parents had brought me to this album. I was 10 years old in 1968, playing it on our record player. Thankful they are still here today, watched with them my two sons and daughter. Chance The Rappers song "Baby Boy", my son turned me on to, he knew it sounded like "something I listen to." I took him downstairs, pulled out Sly on vinyl and let him hear, "Small Talk." Music connects and transcends genetations.
Carlos Villarreal # 13 april 2018 in 08:42 0
denzel washington brought me here. enough said.
Robert Murphy # 13 april 2018 in 08:46 0
This song defines the 60,s and what that era was all about!
Jim Nesta # 13 april 2018 in 08:51 0
This is one of the songs that I loved listening to in the late 60s when I was in high school and later in the Army in 69 & 70.