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What If the Confederacy Reunited Today?

What If the Confederacy Reunited Today? watch video online

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RealLifeLore # 3 december 2017 in 20:03 0
Hello to all of you :) I'd love to see your comments and discussions here about what this hypothetical scenario might look like in the modern world, and if you'd like to take part in voting for upcoming episodes in this series then I encourage you to visit my Patreon here; />
The next 2 videos have already been voted on and they will be the Japanese Empire circa 1941 and the Spanish Empire at its height in the 17th century. I'm excited to be making these videos and all of you watching and reading this are what make it possible, so thank you so much :)
Bryce Cook # 3 december 2017 in 20:04 0
Short answer: Life would be good!
Nate T. # 3 december 2017 in 20:06 0
I believe more of the southern US, like New Mexico, Arizona, Utah, and possibly half of California would have no problem seceding from the Union and joining the cause of the Confederacy. Maybe even more States than that.
Eagle#1 # 3 december 2017 in 20:08 0
Boy You better add Kentucky as a Confederate State...Louisville KY Jefferson county Ky is 98% Liberal shit's...all the rest and best of Kentucky stands with the Southern State's and We belong to the confederacy.
Everyday Is Merry Christmas # 3 december 2017 in 20:12 0
How many Walmart stores will it have?
Toucan SonofSam # 3 december 2017 in 20:17 0
What if Canada became a real country
Toucan SonofSam # 3 december 2017 in 20:19 0
I'd be moving south and buying me some niggers
Dean Willow # 3 december 2017 in 20:23 0
All the republican states would join our glorious cause
Dean Willow # 3 december 2017 in 20:25 0
WILLIAM WEBER # 3 december 2017 in 20:27 0
lets go
D. Cantrell # 3 december 2017 in 20:32 0
You know damn well the confederates would win, just look at how stupid and lazy the liberal democrats have become!!!
Christian Flinn # 3 december 2017 in 20:35 0
ahem Oklahoma ahem
Destro Daboss # 3 december 2017 in 20:38 0
We should come back, we would have a better chance at winning since the union just has a bunch of liberal pussys who would touch a gun, blacks would be the majority army but the south, we have God, guns, and pride. Kentucky would mostly likely join to
Mr BuddahDiamond # 3 december 2017 in 20:39 0
Timeline of the New Confederate States:
2017: The CASE splits from the USA due to differences in culture and political opinion. The Second Civil War begins on December 2nd.
Like in WW1, the opposing sides call a truck to spend Christmas together. In addition to all previous Confederates, the states of Oklahoma, New Mexico, Arizona, and parts of Colorado and Utah join the New Confederate States. By year's end, the Confederates have advanced in the west to capture Colorado, Utah, and southern California, but most of Virginia falls into Union hands.
2018: The Confederacy, with it's smaller GDP and military budget, requests for foreign help. Cuba accepts if it will receive southern Florida and all US Carribean territories. The US demands NATO stay neutral, in case of a Russian attack. However, Canada sends support to the North. All Confederate advances are halted, and Virginia surrenders as Union troops enter North Carolina.
2019: Russia begins plans to support the Confederacy to further weaken the Union, making a Russian annexation of Alaska possible. In August, the first Russian support arrives in Miami. With the support, Confederates are able to grind all fronts to a near halt. However, Union forces slowly advance, resulting in a Colorado, Utah, and North Carolina surrender. The part of the Navy not blockading the CSA or attacking major Confederate ports begins threatening Russian ships bound for the Confederacy to support it. Many US departments are closed, their funding diverted to the military. In November, the Democrat Eliza Hendridge is elected, who favors a less aggressive war, but only once Russian assistance has been cut.
2021: The Navy is so successful in their campaign that only 1/20 Russian ships arrive in the Gulf of Mexico. The others are either forced to turn around or did so on their own, afraid of what may happen if they didn't. By now, casualties number close to 1.3 million, with Canadians only constituting 35,000 of that total. All Confederate resistance is wiped out in South Carolina, Arizona, New Mexico, and Eastern Texas. The surrender of Tennessee and Arkansas is imminent.
2022: Russia, to protect it's own Navy, stops the support of the CSA. The Army begins becoming much less aggressive, as Confederate morale is dropping and 1.2k defectors leave the CSA army every week. Texas, Louisiana, and northern parts of Mississippi, Alabama, and Georgia are now in Union control. Cuba begins to worry for it's independence.
2023: Confederate forces finally surrender in the town of Miami. Cuba is navally invaded and surrenders on October 7th, ending the 2nd Civil War with the Treaty of Tallahassee:
1. The CSA shall be reannexes by the USA
2. Cuba shall be annexed by the USA
3. Cuba shall gain autonomy such that it may continue any prewar practice, so long as it does not interfere directly with the Constitution and it's Amendments. It will become the US's 51st state.
Signed: All parties involved.
Casualties: USA: 715,000 soldiers, 10,000 civilians
CSA: 785,000 soldiers, 25,000 civilians
Cuba: 95,000 soldiers, 15,000 civilians
Canada: 65,000 soldiers, 0 civilians
Slowly, over the next 20 years, 2nd Reconstruction fixed up the South (Unlike the original, 2nd Reconstruction was done in such a way that it benefitted all.) The United States prospered once more, finally adding Puerto Rico and Washington DC to it's list of states. NATO continued to be the dominant peacekeeping force in the world, and led the world to peace.
The End.
Govind Seebun # 3 december 2017 in 20:39 0
Sons of the South will rise again!! Yankees be damned!
John Nall # 3 december 2017 in 20:40 0
Why must there be a war between the two nations? Why not live beside each other in peace? Why can they not defend each other in case of an invasion? What about all of the other Countries who left Great Britten and living in peace with each other?
Turbodog1 # 3 december 2017 in 20:42 0
I think the CSA would call to Mexico to help.
outlaw 2.0 # 3 december 2017 in 20:46 0
For what ever reason is cause we want to be our own damn country
magicalgold010 # 3 december 2017 in 20:47 0
Bring back slavery and the confederacy
Raymond Jones # 3 december 2017 in 20:49 0
There is still the separation of the North and the South today you can see it through the politics and subcultures

The only thing is California will always be the Dark Horse it would separate itself from both Union and Confederate