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Beginners Guide to WARFRAME [2017] - PC & Console - First Steps & Goals

Beginners Guide to WARFRAME [2017] - PC & Console - First Steps & Goals watch video online

5% OFF scuf controllers with code TEFTYTEFT Ive been playing WarFrame for about a month now and have been loving it. Its a difficult game to pickup, though. Lots of details and technical aspects. I wanted to make this video to help people out in the beginning journey. This is by NO MEANS a complete and exhaustive guide. Its a beginners guide to the best of my knowledge! Good luck in WarFARM! Heres my PC gaming rig components: Gaming PC: [i7 7700k] ( [Noctua NH-D15 Cpu Cooler] ( [Asus Maximus Hero IX Mobo] ( [16gb Corsair Vengeance 3000 Ram] ( [M.2 960 Pro Boot Drive] ( [Asus Strix 1080ti] ( [Corsair 860w PSU] ( [Corsair Case] ( Gaming Monitor: [Asus ROG PG258Q 240hz 1080p]( Keyboard and Mouse: [Razor BlackWidow Chroma V2 Orange Switches] ( [Razor Deathadder Elite Mouse] ( VLOGs! Make sure to follow to know when Im going live! Tweets! Insta! Video edits by Meems_Starlight Thanks for watching!! Tefty
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TeftyTeft Games # 7 february 2018 in 04:02 0
PSA: This is by no means an exhaustive guide! I left out a lot of details to prevent people from "glazing" over and losing focus. One major detail I didn't talk about is modding weapons and warframes. If you guys dig this video, I might make an early game modding guide to help out that early-mid game grind.

Alec Goldstein # 7 february 2018 in 04:02 0
What is that twitch prime thing in the market?
Skyler Exis # 7 february 2018 in 04:07 0
This game looks amazing I can't belive it's free
Mike Soda # 7 february 2018 in 04:08 0
Dude you're calling this farming & or grindy? From what you're saying around 25:00, 3 days isn't grindy IMO lol. I'm used to RuneScape which is grindy to a factor of months. I think I'm gonna like WarFrame once I got the chance to download it, max 7.5Mbps download =.
cod kid54 # 7 february 2018 in 04:08 0
Thanks for the advice :)
Being_Bad_At_Games # 7 february 2018 in 04:10 0
soundslave # 7 february 2018 in 04:15 0
I picked Mag as my starter frame. I should uninstall now I guess?
its me your fam # 7 february 2018 in 04:19 0
thanks this was helpful
Shae_YT # 7 february 2018 in 04:20 0
can u play online with random people? or do u have to be on quests to play with friends?
Ballpen Pencil # 7 february 2018 in 04:25 0
finally a tutorial specifically for me... I installed-uninstalled-reinstalled this game 3x because of the mind-blowing UI and info it gave me. Now, I think I might enjoy this xD (yeah I keep coming back bec the graphics and gameplay is good)
Brennan Goodman # 7 february 2018 in 04:25 0
Amazing guide for learning the ropes and pulleys of the game thank you sir
TheJoePro # 7 february 2018 in 04:29 0
43 minute video and 3 ads props to you any other youtubers would have 25 ads
Gamer Zoid # 7 february 2018 in 04:30 0
what does it mean by level is it warframe level or mastery
Gamer Zoid # 7 february 2018 in 04:32 0
i should watched a video first i had to learn by pressing stuff and roaming the ship and options (which people should do)
Dillon Mckenzie # 7 february 2018 in 04:33 0
Thank man helped a bit can't wait to check the vid out for moding
Tommy Feng # 7 february 2018 in 04:37 0
E M # 7 february 2018 in 04:40 0
What about melee stuff? Leave it? Is it worth something?
Dr. Phill # 7 february 2018 in 04:40 0
another tip is to not stick to the beginning frame for too long try to farm for other frames such as ember and frost and some frame blueprints from quests also 2 good tanky frames would be nidus and inaros bothe really good frames but I prefer nidus over inaros but inaros is also just as good in his own unique way.
DoctorDDub # 7 february 2018 in 04:42 0
Super helpful video! I'm definitely getting this game now!
Cloud Ninja # 7 february 2018 in 04:47 0
I chose volt originally because of being able to go through levels without killing enemies or just farming spy and rescue missions without being detected every time