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Big Game Whats New 2017

Big Game Whats New 2017 watch video online

Helpful Links! 1. Full license exchange policy: cpw.state.co.us/LCPolicy 2. Leftover license sales list: cpw.state.co.us/Leftover 3. Most recent changes to our license exchange policy: cpw.state.co.us/refunds 4. Where and how to submit Chronic Wasting Disease samples: cpw.state.co.us/CWD 5. Fluorescent Pink Info Sheet: 6. Walk-In Access program information: cpw.state.co.us/wia 7. General information: cpw.state.co.us TRANSCRIPTION: Hey hunters! As you gear up for the 2017 Big Game season, there are a few new rules and regulations you should check out. If you want to follow along in your Big Game brochure, check out the “2017 What’s New” section on Page 1. And don’t stop there-- reading the entire brochure will ensure you have a legal and safe hunt, and being up to date with the latest rules and regulations before you head out means you can spend more time enjoying your experience in the field. In an effort to streamline the application process CPW will be going paperless for big-game hunting license applications starting in 2018. 2017 will be the last year you can apply on paper for a hunting license. All license applications will need to be done online starting in 2018. We’ve made some changes to the license refund, reissue and exchange policies. All license exchanges will be charged a fee of fifty percent of the cost of the original license, not to exceed $25. You can check out the full license exchange policy at this website. Changes to CPW license refunds and reissues became effective in April 2016. Hunters who need to refund a license will have to do so at least 30 days before the start of the season for which the license is valid. Most licenses that have been returned will be made available to the public on the leftover license sales list on this website. Check out page 8 of your Big Game brochure for more details, and stay up to date with our most recent changes to these policies on this website. Testing for Chronic Wasting Disease, or CWD, is very important to managing the health of our deer herds. In order to better gauge the presence of CWD in select herds, CPW will require mandatory submission of CWD test samples from some hunter-harvested bucks and does during the 2017 archery, muzzleloader and rifle seasons. If you receive a letter requiring you to present your deer for testing at a CPW facility, please follow the instructions. There is no charge for this mandatory sampling, and your assistance is greatly appreciated. Check out this website for more information on where and how to submit a CWD sample. The future is bright for Big Game! It is now legal for Big Game hunters to wear solid fluorescent pink clothing as an alternative to solid daylight fluorescent orange garments (no camo accents!). This fashionable law applies to those who take deer, elk, pronghorn, moose or black bear with any firearm. Although archery hunters on private Ranching for Wildlife land are no longer required to wear daylight fluorescent orange or pink, these hunters may wish to wear blaze orange or pink if concerned about visibility to other hunters. Safety first! If you’re thinking about breaking out the fluorescent pink, be sure to check out this fact sheet first to make sure you stay legal. We have a new pilot program allowing big game access within the Walk In Access Program. This allows public access to some Walk In Access properties for deer, elk, and pronghorn hunting, within season dates of September 1st through December 31st. More information on this pilot program will be available in the Walk-In Access brochure, which comes out in August of 2017. You can also check out our Walk In Access website for more program updates as they occur. If you hunt in units 16 and 27, you’ll need to know the unit boundaries have been slightly changed. Make sure to look at page 61 of the brochure to familiarize yourself with those changes. As you already know, hunting over bait is not allowed, and the definition has been expanded. Hunting big game over bait, whether or not the hunter personally placed the bait, is against the law. Check out page 17 of your Big Game brochure for more details. Those are the big changes that apply to everyone. There are a few specific regulation changes for certain GMUs and species that might affect you as you plan your hunt, so check out the rest of the “What’s New” section on Page 1 of both the Big Game brochure and the Sheep & Goat brochure for more information on those. Whether you are a novice or an expert, we encourage you to read the entire 2017 Big Game brochure as you plan your hunt. We want you to be both safe and legal as you head out this fall. Best of luck to you on your hunt this year. The CPW website has everything you need to know about big game hunting.
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