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How to Write a Literature Review in 30 Minutes or Less

How to Write a Literature Review in 30 Minutes or Less watch video online

How to Write a Literature Review in 30 Minutes or Less breaks down this academic assignment into 5 easy steps: 1. Strip out summary paragraphs from research 2. Reorder summary paragraphs for the liteature review 3. Combine paragraphs if necessary 4. Add topic sentences and transitions to form literature reviews body paragraphs 5. Add introduction and conclusion paragraphs to complete the literature review The literature review does not have to be a daunting or mysterious academic assignment. As a matter of fact, the so-called literature review is a common task in the professional workplace but is called a backgrounder or background research instead of a literature review. The video provides a real-world example of writing a practical literature review as an HR employee in an IT company. Stop being intimadated by what is actually an easy assignment by learning what a literature review really is and how to do one quickly and easily. Review of Literature | Literature Review Example | Literature Review Sample | Literature Survey | Literature Review Format | Literature Review Dissertation | Example of Literature Review | Writing a Literature Review
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John Bangal # 14 april 2018 in 12:00 0
Simple, straightforward, and organized! Thanks
William Yirang # 14 april 2018 in 12:03 0
thank you so much Sir.I really liked it.... simple explanation with every details ...made it easy to understand.......grt job
Eunice Ntukogu # 14 april 2018 in 12:08 0
Great insight into citing and referencing works cited, this was great information. Thank you
drew persaud # 14 april 2018 in 12:08 0
Can i have your email address? i have a urgent question to ask.
Noemie Rioux # 14 april 2018 in 12:10 0
OMG! Mr. Taylor you have a gift! Thank you so much for this!
Djamel Nacer # 14 april 2018 in 12:15 0
It facilitated everything! thank you !
mudzi mashamba # 14 april 2018 in 12:19 0
This video is legendary for so many reasons
Tarlan Homayounkhah # 14 april 2018 in 12:22 0
Thanks a million from Canada
Lin Zhang # 14 april 2018 in 12:22 0
Thank you uncle David! this is what i'm looking for, simple but easily understandable! Appreciate your efforts !
Tash # 14 april 2018 in 12:24 0
All your videos have helped me so much! Do you teach any online writing classes over the summer?
Johanna L # 14 april 2018 in 12:25 0
Thank you! This was a great guide for my first graduate literature review, since I've been out of school for a while!
Ay Ak # 14 april 2018 in 12:30 0
Sound is low
kenyan gal # 14 april 2018 in 12:33 0
This is simply amazing now i know how to go about literature review...
Manish Joshi # 14 april 2018 in 12:36 0
Really useful information. Thanks for sharing.
StarKissed Pixie # 14 april 2018 in 12:36 0
I have to do a literature review soon, and this has made it so much clearer to me. I have a much better idea of how I'm supposed to write a literature review! Thanks so much!
Josh Oblitz # 14 april 2018 in 12:39 0
Thank you so, so much for your amazing instruction. As a professor I am sure you know, but the articles online about literature reviews can be unbelievably inaccurate. Even "examples" I found online were literally just research papers, without the review, and sources listed at the bottom under references like any other paper. Your videos helped a great deal, and I am very, very appreciate of the time you took to make them.
John Yang # 14 april 2018 in 12:40 0
I can't say enough how much I appreciated the formatting, depth, and quality of this video and the presenter. With almost 3 semesters of grad school under my belt, thisss video has taught me more about the lit review than anything else before. If you haven't already, watch the video!
Dustin Deweerd # 14 april 2018 in 12:45 0
Seriously though, what the heck !
Indy D # 14 april 2018 in 12:45 0
That was excellent! I'm definitely going to use the steps described to write a literature review. He is very clear, and has a calming voice!
Bj 7Up Dunky # 14 april 2018 in 12:46 0
Made simply. Thanks DT.