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New 2017 Metro PCS Unlimited Plans_ the Best for the price_

New 2017 Metro PCS Unlimited Plans_ the Best for the price_ watch video online

New 2017 Metro PCS Unlimited Plans_ the Best for the price_
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Jow Ga Kung Fu NYC Chinatown martial arts Community # 13 april 2018 in 20:00 0
Metro PCS will Lock your Phone IMEI. We used any othet T-Mobile mvno, Simple Mobile.
Patton The Intel Gamer # 13 april 2018 in 20:03 0
wish metro pcs would come to the uk with these deals only in £
Gucci mane # 13 april 2018 in 20:05 0
I switched back to metro because boost mobile was horrible in my location but metro is like 2 times faster then wi fi jk
Maribel Carrillo # 13 april 2018 in 20:05 0
Esta compañía es incompetente,no tiene cobertura,no sirve para nada ,no se la recomiendo a nadie ,eviten infarto
brenda kidd # 13 april 2018 in 20:07 0
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J Dot # 13 april 2018 in 20:07 0
Hot spot runs like paper... it's quick as hell and what the hell is 8 GB of "hotspot" really good for if you're a gamer? 30 GB of data used.. expect your phone to move slow asf. Even with the unlimited data $60 plan it moves slow with four bars.
Steven Wattz # 13 april 2018 in 20:09 0
on the paper it says confidential
COD4 # 13 april 2018 in 20:10 0
The $50 plan does not include HD videos so everybody knows.
money man # 13 april 2018 in 20:15 0
what going to happen if I still use hot spot
doubleatheman # 13 april 2018 in 20:19 0
Pretty sure other comments go over this I was going to hop onto the $50 plan, but I dont like that you cant turn off "data maximizer" so no HD video (Unless you use a VPN) Still might go for it eventually. I really havent used tethering for months now...
Rogelio Molina S # 13 april 2018 in 20:21 0
es una compañía telefónica que no tiene buena calidad de servicio, nunca puedes ver un vídeo sin interrupción, constantemente , se cortan las llamadas, un servicio de internet malísimo, no lo recomiendo. próximo mes cambió de compañía, no creó que haya otra peor que está, bay, bay,metro psc
Sal Bayard # 13 april 2018 in 20:24 0
so bad service in Las Vegas the worst service to bee honest
Jabbar Davis # 13 april 2018 in 20:29 0
i just bought a metro pcs phone 2 weeks ago with the unlimited 50 dollar promotional plan, and aftert 3 days of using 17 gb of lte data meto abruptly switch my plan the 30 dollar plan. so i wonder is it really unlimited?
theguyinblack # 13 april 2018 in 20:30 0
when I changed my plan rate to $50 i got unlimited data and 9 gigs of hotspot. when the mobile hotspot reached 9 gigs it didn't slow down.
carlosbam # 13 april 2018 in 20:32 0
We're is your store located
Prasanna # 13 april 2018 in 20:35 0
im not sure if u mentioned but the 50 dollar unlimited plan is only 480p video streaming.
chris ramos # 13 april 2018 in 20:35 0
its not on the website. soo i call 611 ? an ask for the 2 line unlimted plan promotion ????
William Phelps # 13 april 2018 in 20:37 0
So basically they got rid of the family plans