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Shadow of War Angry Review

Shadow of War Angry Review watch video online

AngryJoe takes a look at the sequel to 2014s Shadow of Mordor that brings with it many improvements but also carries a completely unnecessary Trojan horse that has dire implications for gaming! Singing Orc Link! Shirts/Stuff ► Twitch ► Twitter ► Twitter ► AJSA Community ►
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Comments (20)
Hunter Golden # 12 january 2018 in 20:02 0
I tried so hard to get into the first game. It just did nothing for me.
Aaron Thorhammer # 12 january 2018 in 20:05 0
I think Coporate Overlord sounds better.
denz Seten # 12 january 2018 in 20:09 0
Legendary sword prank in mordor, almost killed arrested
Caleb Richardson # 12 january 2018 in 20:12 0
dcta51 # 12 january 2018 in 20:12 0
This game fuckin sucks, i cant bring myself to finish it, graphics suck, gameplay sucks(same shit over and over), story sucks. Worse sequel ever. They made it quantity over quality!
Shinobi Dude # 12 january 2018 in 20:17 0
Honestly the only problem i have with the game so far is the 5 minute monologue every guy does before he fights you. Youll be doing your own thing or fighting some other boss you just got done listening to, and then some other guy comes along and takes forever to tell you the most annoying and uninteresting drawn out dialogue when all you do is want to play the game. Its literally almost game breaking for me because it just totally stops the flow of the game for no real reason other than to annoy you.
jacques custer # 12 january 2018 in 20:17 0
I miss corporate
 commander!! hahaha
Tibor Magyar # 12 january 2018 in 20:19 0
oh Giants... top
Demon hunter02 # 12 january 2018 in 20:20 0
More story like last game instead of this weird hundred different side quest bull shit that don't connect with each other/like how torvin lead you to celebrimbor memories in anyway and more good characters are needed as it lacked this sorely with no fun characters like ratbag(other than his brief cameo) its just missing so much of the feel of the previous one with an actual story and reason it feels more like they tacked on a story to a business experiment about micro transactions and the new siege system like they added a story to an in office demo test of the new aspects than a game they loved and put their soul into like the last so I agree 7/10
Tyjuan Edmonds # 12 january 2018 in 20:20 0
In the begining of the video, ea in a nutshell
The N # 12 january 2018 in 20:20 0
The loot box system is more of an endgame choice, to farm community challenges and meridian to get good orcs for multiplayer battles
galinmeric the super saiyan gamer # 12 january 2018 in 20:20 0
joe i don't get crashes cuz i don't play on PC
RandomAmericanBoy # 12 january 2018 in 20:21 0
Who carelessly left out a green ranger helmet???
Master Lithia # 12 january 2018 in 20:21 0
Singleplayer Microtransactions? Cheatengine Time!
simon gentry # 12 january 2018 in 20:22 0
hehe - a good laugh - ta very much.
Captainconkerboy1 # 12 january 2018 in 20:27 0
Godzilla is approaching the Palantir, the Palantir makes him a man not a God!
xImagine # 12 january 2018 in 20:28 0
I played through the entire game in 37 hours & I didn't spend a dime extra for chests
Dan H # 12 january 2018 in 20:28 0
I hated this game. Idk it was just a piece of shit.
Classy Potato # 12 january 2018 in 20:31 0
Shadow Of Palantir
Neon # 12 january 2018 in 20:36 0
Boring repetitive junk.