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The Best New Kodi 17.6 build for February 2018 |

The Best New Kodi 17.6 build for February 2018 | watch video online

The Best New Kodi 17.6 build for February 2018 |
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Alvin Peri # 3 february 2018 in 08:01 0
Liked it
terence paylor # 3 february 2018 in 08:05 0
nothing in zip file but two dots? tel
infamiz China # 3 february 2018 in 08:09 0
Daisy Elizabeth # 3 february 2018 in 08:09 0
Does the TV Guide work so that you can click on a show and it goes to viewing it? I have an Amazon Fire TV. Which Kodi build would you recommend most, the Fire TV Guru, or No Limits Magic, or the No Limits Magic Lite for the Fire Stick (although mine is the TV, not the Stick)? Thank you for the video, and for taking the time to respond. I am cutting the cord this month, so this will help. Thanks!
D. O. # 3 february 2018 in 08:12 0
I've been on kodi for years! The best build hands down for the firestick 17.6 as of 12/29/17 is firetvguru!!!!
Saurabh Patel # 3 february 2018 in 08:14 0
I like this build
FrikStore Trailers # 3 february 2018 in 08:18 0
Hi! I liked the video!!! I want to share with you a premium program to rank all your videos with few clicks. You will get more money and more real viewers
Thomas England # 3 february 2018 in 08:18 0
For the lite version it’s saying invalid url. What do I do kodi no limits
AverageAR _ # 3 february 2018 in 08:21 0
Has anyone been noticing the servers on FireTV wizard are extremely slow for downloading builds recently?
Sportsbrainiac35 # 3 february 2018 in 08:26 0
Every build I use showing error code. Anyone have a build that actually works? They're blocking everything.
Iluminate # 3 february 2018 in 08:28 0
Install AT 9:19
Neil Ballantyne # 3 february 2018 in 08:32 0
Hi I like this build it is working really well except for sound no audio no where ,can you help me with that???
Leng KOk # 3 february 2018 in 08:35 0
Do you have one with tv box. I have a MS8
judy dawson # 3 february 2018 in 08:36 0
excellent! nice & slow, sometimes they speak fr too quickly, but this girl was slow & clear!!
Mike Sargeant # 3 february 2018 in 08:40 0
does this work for computers windows10 to install mobdro from the build
Mike Sargeant # 3 february 2018 in 08:40 0
hi does anyone know why movies are not working
Terrell Williams # 3 february 2018 in 08:42 0
You're so great.. Thank you..
SEL MAR # 3 february 2018 in 08:45 0
AWESOME !!!!!!! Ty4d step by step instructions. I subscribed to ur channel and by far u R the best link to upgrades on KODI. I’ve also told my Fam and Friends about ur channel ..! Again ty so much ! KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!
Sherri Sickels # 3 february 2018 in 08:49 0
Ok hun I've got an issue and I'm hoping you'll know the fix. Ive been using no limits on my pc windows 10 for a few weeks with no issue then suddenly 3 days ago it would gimme a notification that kodi is not working and would close the program and say windows is looking for a solution.. a few reboots later it would work fine for the night... today rebooting is not fixing it, I tried uninstall clean install and reinstall of no limits and still cant get it to work without crashing. please help
Eva Figueroa # 3 february 2018 in 08:53 0
How can I stop the buffering, it's so darn annoying.