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Top 100 - The Worst Hip-Hop Songs Of 2017

Top 100 - The Worst Hip-Hop Songs Of 2017 watch video online

New 2017 - Hip-Hop Universe - Hip-Hop Countdowns - Worst Rap Songs 2017 / Worst Songs 2017 / Worst Rappers Of All Time Picking the worst songs of the year is serious business. It’s like I always say: Saying something is the best is a matter of opinion, but declaring something the worst requires evidence. You can’t just go with the songs that you’re sick of hearing or find mildly irritating. You must dig through all the garbage released in a given year and determine what is demonstrably terrible. These songs must clear rooms, ruin days, and cause physical discomfort. And it takes hard work, patience, fortitude, and partial deafness to help withstand the steady onslaught of bad you must endure to find those songs. But I’ve done it! These are the worst songs of 2017, ranked in order from infuriatingly insipid to awful ear-poisoning. 2017 also introduced us to Lil Pump, who recently broke the record for shortest song on the Billboard Top 10 with his single Gucci Gang. The song went on to peak at No. 3, which is fairly impressive considering its short duration. Shortly before Pump came Ski Mask The Slump God, 2017 XXL Freshman XXXTentacion and Trippie Redd, all of who have become viral hip-hop sensations over the past year for their crafty, unhinged lyrics and visually appealing, somewhat eerie videos. Millions drew to them, and still do; others are not as impressed. For those not riding the new wave, rap front runners JAY-Z and Kendrick Lamar came through in the clutch with their deliveries of 4:44 and DAMN., respectively. The albums provided lyrical heat and production hip-hop fans, old and new, can appreciate for decades on end. Their new albums were given over a handful of nominations for the 2018 Grammy Awards, with JAY-Zs project up for Album of the Year. Then, of course, 2017 is the year Cardi B rose from Love & Hip Hop fame to No. 1 on the Billboard charts for her catchy summer banger Bodak Yellow. Everyone from Janet Jackson to middle school teachers have pledged their allegiance to Bardi Gang, proving the Bronx rapper is a force to be reckoned with. Hip-hop has been vastly acknowledged this year from all corners of the entertainment industry. Between that and the number of hits released from acts like Migos, DJ Khaled and A$AP Ferg, rap has become the most consumed genre in the U.S. Weve Milly Rocked in New York with Playboi Carti, created our own renditions of Futures Mask Off instrumental and counted millions with 21 Savage all year long. Behold: Top 100 - The Worst Hip-Hop Songs Of 2017 Artists mentioned in this video: Nicki Minaj, Lil Wayne, Drake, Quality Control, Quavo, Migos, Lil Yachty, Lil U. Vert, Lanze, Dj Khaled, Chance The Rapper, French Montana, Playboi Carti, Ayo & Teo, Post Malone, 21 Savage, Kodak Black, IceJJFish, Raw Dizzy, Yo Gotti, Cardi B, Fetty Wap, Famous Dex, Kap G, 2Chainz, TY Dolla $ign, Trey Songz, Young Thug, Future, Chris Brown, Y2DA, Lil Durk, Troy Ave, Macklemore, Trinidad James, Young M.A, Rileydatboss, Jose Guapo, Youngboy, Baka Not Ice, Gucci Mane, Lonzo Ball, Marshmello, Lil Skies, Landon Cube, Lil Xan, PNB Rock, A Boogie With Da Hoodie, Rich The Kid, Swae Lee, Nipsey Hustle, Plies, Logan Paul, Ricegum, G-Eazy, A$AP Rocky, Juicy J, Belly, Smokepurpp, Souljah Boy, YBN Nahmir, Lil Jon, Future, Trippie Redd, Gudda Gudda, Hoodybaby, MadeInTYO, SCARLXRD, $.Boy$, Jake Paul, Forever Anti Pop, Chris King, Kyle, 6ix9ine, Rae Sremmurd, Bebe Rexha, Iggy Azalea, Lil Debbie, V-Nasty, Kyyngg, Lil Pump Hip-Hop Countdowns Playlist: ___________________________ Support us on Patreon: Facebook: Twitter:
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Hip-Hop Universe # 12 january 2018 in 16:05 0
The greatest super-hits (shits) of 2017... R.I.P. Hip-Hop Universe
Hip-Hop Countdowns Playlist:
FrAnK-OH ThaRoadHouse # 12 january 2018 in 16:07 0
Big Poppa # 12 january 2018 in 16:12 0
100. One Of the Laziest Songs Ever
99. Some Salty Shit
98. NIgga Look Like a Gay Prince
97. Lil Snotty
96. Sound Like a Hyena
95. Finally, Someone Who Hates This As Much as I Do
94. I Have Nothing To Say
93. These Little Fuckers Need To Rolie, Rolie, Rolie, Rolie Back To Preschool
92. I Actually Fucking Love This Song
91. Joyner Lucas Did It 100x Better
90. Just a Reminder That This Man Said He Was Better Than Biggie
89. You Just Jealous He Is The GOAT
88. Dumb Revenant Looking Ass
87. Still Sound Like A Hyena
86. Sound Like a Nasli Gucci Mane
85. Not That Bad Actually
84. Shitty Rapper But I'd Smash
83. Even Shittier Rapper But I'd Still Smash
82. Looks Like an Old Lady's Dog
81. Kodack Wack
80. Wetty Fap
79. Some Basic Mumble Shit
78. Like How Did This Nigga Chart
77. Switch Your Boring Flow
76. Wich Sea Mammal Was Placed On His Nuts?
75. No Flowin 2
74. Annunciate
73. Does This Nigga Buy Clothes In The Women's Section
72. Chromosomes Missing Chromosomes
71. No Not Turtle, HYENA
70. Lil Dick
69. Stop Using A $10 Mic
68. Broccoli
67. No, Santa Actually Has Gifts, You Don't
66. From Now On I Am Justing Going To Write "Restore Net Neutrality" Whenever It's A Migos Song
65. Man or Woman?
64. Who's Willing To Bet Those Are 1 Dollar Notes
63. Special Ed Slim Jesus
62. I'm Jealous of The People Who Haven't Heard You Rap
61. This Guy Would Make The Shittest Candy Store Cause He Has No Bars
60. The Only Thing He Is Untouchable To Is Record Companies
59. Young Thug Wannabe
58. Couchi Mane
57. Laughable
56. By-An-Large Bad Bars
55. Restore Net Neutrality
54. D E E P
53. The Geto Boys Should Blast This Cunt
52. Hope This Guy Does A Lil Peep
51. The Video Is Lazy As A Mother Fucker
50. Chop off Your Balls, You Don't Deserve Them Dressing Like That
49. Actually A Good Song
48. The Music Video Is Great Tho
47. Nigga Sound Bored
46. Rymed Energy With OOO, We Are Clearly Dealing With The Next Eminem
45. Man I Hate This Guy
44. Quavo's Mother Was Slippery
43. These Are Just Jome Generic Trap Niggas, Little Do They Know That They Are Crap Niggas
42. That Money Could Have Fed African Kids
41. Some More Generic Ass Shit
40. Yeah Women Love Men Who Mock Suicide Victims, Gets Them Wet
39. From A Man Who Mocks Suicide Victims To A Man Who Mocks Rape Suicide Victims. Real Talk He Is Broke Cause He Is Vietnamese With No Dong
38. Still Fine AF Tho
37. Did You Catch A Word of That?
36. Here I'll Try: You Are Not Witty/ Get The Fuck Out Of My City/ It's Not Hard To Rap Like Nicki/ Cause She's Really Fucking Shitty. Easy.
35. Did This Nigga Just Slap His Wee Wee?
34. Just WTF?
33. Girly Ass Nigga Got A Pink Backback? Boy If You Don't Get Ya Dora Lookin' Ass Outta Here!
32. In The Pits Is Right
31. What Kind of Idiot Names A Song Snot Thot? Why the next BIGGIE of course.
30. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz (No Please Uncle Ryan Don't Touch Me There Again This Isn't a Fun Game Anymore)
29. Bitch The Kid
28. Singing Nigga
27. From One Shitty Rockstar To Another (seriously have you seen the video of him "playing" guitar)
26. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz (When Can I Open My Eyes Uncle Ryan)
25. He Should Have Had The Number Be The Suicide Line, Cause Imma Need To Call That Shit
24. This Song Could Be Better
23. Lose What? Your Dignity?
22. Pls Have A Heart Attack
21. Who's Filming The Video? Hilary?
20. I Have Nothing To Say, I Just Want To Point Out That It Says "feat. garbage" My Nigga's a Straight Savage
19. Save Net Neutrality
18. I Am Actually a Trippie Fan So I Will Sit This One Out
17. Hollywood Ass Nigga!
16. Pussy Cunt Got a Poodle
15. Bogan Ass Niggas
14. Still Fine AF
13. Possibly The Gayest Thing I Have Ever Seen
12. Not That Bad By Lil Yatchy Standards
11. Bad Even By Wayne Standards
10. Actually Kinda Good Not Gonna Lie...
9. e.g. It Could've Been This
8. Typical SJW
7. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
6. M8 Fuck Off
5. I Did Come With Assault, On You Skinny Ass Cunt
4. This "Gangsta" Is 17. The Only Paper He Ever Touched Was His Homework
3. Next In What? The Unemployment Line
2. Girly Twat Gotta Pink Bag
1. Man I Cannot Believe How Trash Lil Pump Is
Alex Pernea # 12 january 2018 in 16:16 0
Rockstar was the best song from this video. The rest can go to hell.
Arthur Grenier # 12 january 2018 in 16:17 0
I think you don't like migos, lil yauthy, pump, kodak ,....
Arthur Grenier # 12 january 2018 in 16:22 0
You are confusing RAP and TRAP
t jeezey # 12 january 2018 in 16:26 0
Wtf is wrong with this list, I say about 25% of this list has bad songs and the other 75% are really good songs
Josh Pettit Egghead # 12 january 2018 in 16:28 0
Bodak yelliw was alright tbh
Josh Pettit Egghead # 12 january 2018 in 16:28 0
Josh Pettit Egghead # 12 january 2018 in 16:30 0
Josh Pettit Egghead # 12 january 2018 in 16:31 0
Yeah his delivery is garbage, vut listen to the actual bars in nothin new
Hell Dude # 12 january 2018 in 16:32 0
Frick Da Police?
Noah Leonard # 12 january 2018 in 16:34 0
Rockstar not even hip-hop
Che Downer # 12 january 2018 in 16:39 0
Xo tour life was hard asf , fuck you talking about
Malik0320x # 12 january 2018 in 16:39 0
Untouchable and live up to my name shouldn't be on here