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Top 9 New Technology Future Inventions Gadgets Coming in 2017

Top 9 New Technology Future Inventions Gadgets Coming in 2017 watch video online

Find New & Interesting Gadgets On AMAZON (Up to 45% Off ) : 1. Hover Bike 2. Nokia OZO: Virtual Reality Camera 3. HELIX: Wearable Cuff with Wireless Bluetooth Headphones 4. goTenna Mesh: Off-Grid, People-Powered Connectivity Anywhere 5. Keyper System 6. CellRobot | Advanced Modular Robotics Kit 7. Teleport: Save & Share Your Best Memories via VR 8. Ganker: Fighting Robot for the Whole Crew 9. Flow Hive: Honey on Tap Directly From Your Beehive Enjoy this video? Please take a brief moment and hit that LIKE button and help spread the word about these new inventions! See amazing Computer and Mobile Tricks: Subscribe to our YouTube channel: ----------------------------------------­------------ Stay connected to Prophet Hacker Group: - - - - What PC are you using ? 2015 MacBook Pro 13-inch ❂ Editing Software Premiere Pro Please like, favorite and leave a comment below Dont forget to subscribe!! Intro Music: Disfigure - Blank(NCS) -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Please watch: Top 12 Coolest gadgets for iPhone - iPhone 7 accessories for 2016-2017 -~-~~-~~~-~~-~-
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Comments (19)
Philip W # 14 april 2018 in 00:04 0
The best invention goes to ..... Honey flow, of course, it's something that truly transform people's lives!
Accutronitis # 14 april 2018 in 00:06 0
The Nokia OZO ??? Not a dam thing was said about what the fuck it is ! I left after that...
910AM Superstation Funnies # 14 april 2018 in 00:11 0
Star Wars here we come!
Jimmy McKensie Smith # 14 april 2018 in 00:16 0
Got to get one of these what about traveling overseas
Pete Graberass # 14 april 2018 in 00:20 0
They have them in Dubai!
RUDY CASTILLO # 14 april 2018 in 00:25 0
the key box not new we used that on Casa Gonzalez Cadillac Chevrolet dealer in Downey California for key control back in 2005
ThankGodForTrump G # 14 april 2018 in 00:25 0
It'll never be marketed to the public. And not even the military would waste money on it
SVENY # 14 april 2018 in 00:25 0
too bad the ozo was discontinued AND costed 45k usd
TheGreg6466 # 14 april 2018 in 00:26 0
You think they'd do a battery powered version for short range missions, they'd be so much quieter and more responsive than a petrol motor, still a cool looking but of kit however it's powered. Nice video, thanks
micheal49 # 14 april 2018 in 00:29 0
What an awful design. Inherently unstable due to load on top. Driver could fall into the fans. Fans are not distributed far enough apart for effective control. Good lord, who did this POS?
jdlech # 14 april 2018 in 00:30 0
They really didn't think that key cabinet through. Anyone can put tape over the camera, which leaves only the logging to defeat. Just steal someone else's login. Second, if it's so easy to mount on a wall, then it's easy to remove from the wall too. Steal all the keys at once.

And how are you supposed to live those special moments if you're busy capturing them? Re-live all those special moments you missed while trying to capture those moments.
linda caldwell # 14 april 2018 in 00:31 0
Why aren't they putting some kind of screening over the blades for protection to the pilot??? Come on, really??
Xither. Bro # 14 april 2018 in 00:32 0
tons of this stuff did not come to 2017
Bjarni Valur # 14 april 2018 in 00:36 0
Ohh, fuck yeah. This goTannamesh is going to be fucking revolutionary for the black market! Sign me up, lads!
James Robert Archbald # 14 april 2018 in 00:40 0
James Robert Archbald # 14 april 2018 in 00:45 0
imagine the gotenna mesh at a stupid concert or skiing which u never do
James Robert Archbald # 14 april 2018 in 00:47 0
y would someone who loves music know tech...if you knew tech you would know about backmasking
Edouard Dubois # 14 april 2018 in 00:50 0
Have any of these actually been properly implemented?
Cladcreeper # 14 april 2018 in 00:52 0
I like the look of teh ozo