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100% HONEST ZAFUL REVIEW | Try-On | Conagh Kathleen

100% HONEST ZAFUL REVIEW | Try-On | Conagh Kathleen watch video online

Hello my lovelies! I dont know about you, but I have always been super curious as to whether or not Zaful was a hit or miss. So, I decided to share with you guys my thoughts and opinions on this clothing company. Everything I discuss in this video is 100% my own honest opinion. Zaful were kind enough to send me some of their items to try out, but that in no way influenced my perspective. I hope you guys enjoy this video!! Zaful is celebrating their third anniversary this year since establishing back in 2014! To share their gratitude, Zaful is launching a series of promotional campaigns to thank their customers for the love and support. This anniversary celebration will commence on the 8th of June until the 21st of June 2017. ZAFUL 3RD ANNIVERSARY ACCESS (MASSIVE SALE!): ZAFUL BIKINIS: S O C I A L M E D I A: S N A P C H A T: conagh_kat I N S T A G R A M : @conagh_kat D I S C O U N T C O D E S: SIGMA BRUSHES: click this link: Use discount code “CONAGHKAT at checkout for 10% off SIMPLE GLAM GIRLS click this link: Use discount code CONAGHKAT for 20% off I T E M S F E A T U R E D: Coffee Padded Cami Bikini: (SIZE SMALL) Purplish Red Strappy Halter Wrap Bikini: (SIZE SMALL) Green High-Cut Two Piece Bikini: (SIZE SMALL) Khaki Bralette Bikini: (SIZE SMALL) Light Gray Trimming Elastic Waist Shorts: (ONE SIZE - VERY SMALL) Black Choker Drop Shoulder T-Shirt: (SIZE SMALL ) Apricot Drawstring Hoodie: (ONE SIZE) White Graphic Round Neck Tee: (SIZE MEDIUM) White And Black Striped Cold Shoulder T-Shirt: (SIZE SMALL) V Back Chunky Sweater: (ONE SIZE) White Flare Sleeve Tied Striped Blouse: (SIZE SMALL) Gray Short Sleeve Crybaby Graphic Tee: (SIZE MEDIUM) MUSIC: NoCopyRightSounds F A Q s: How old are you? 18 What camera do you use? Canon 600D What nationality are you? Australian Hi There! My name is Conagh Kathleen and I am a 18 year old Australian! My channel is all about my passions in life! I have always wanted share my love of health and fitness, all things makeup and beauty with the world. My channel will show many, many makeup tutorials, fitness information, vlogs, and any other videos that I think of! Stay tuned for a new video every week! Thank you so much for subscribing! Conagh Kathleen xx
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Comments (20)
Conagh Kathleen # 12 august 2017 in 20:06 0
THANK YOU SO FOR ALL THE LOVE!! For everyone asking, I've uploaded a booty building workout on my channel!! xx
simplysalma # 12 august 2017 in 20:09 0
Body goals!
MakeupByFashionsvixen # 12 august 2017 in 20:10 0
Girl! that body tho! i recently ordered a bunch of bikinis from Zaful, hope they fit as great as yours!
Sujita Adhikari # 12 august 2017 in 20:13 0
talk tooo much ):
Maartje diva # 12 august 2017 in 20:15 0
You are so beautiful without makeup!
iben lol # 12 august 2017 in 20:20 0
the writing on the right arm off the white shirt says vetements
gladitsnotme # 12 august 2017 in 20:25 0
The white shirt says Vetements Summer 2016. It's a knockoff of their Spring/Summer RTW collection. The sleeves should be about 7 inches longer but it's not bad!
Natalie Hermes # 12 august 2017 in 20:27 0
What Are u looking at Everytime u talk
Vae Billings # 12 august 2017 in 20:32 0
Hey guys I post some videos on my channel and it would be great if y'all would subscribe! I'm trying to hit 200
Confidential L # 12 august 2017 in 20:33 0
How talllare you
Laana Jbara # 12 august 2017 in 20:36 0
Love your make up
kaylen alex # 12 august 2017 in 20:36 0
u have such a nice body
Angelica Lopez # 12 august 2017 in 20:39 0
where do you get your jeans??
jasmine woolley # 12 august 2017 in 20:43 0
you. have. the. best. body.
aaatomkins # 12 august 2017 in 20:45 0
How on earth can you not mention throughout this whole video that you didn't purchase the items? I honestly think that the title is a complete facade as it can't be "100% honest" if you had to get this video approved by the brand before posting.
Christina Bachler # 12 august 2017 in 20:45 0
How are your teeth so white? :o
Winta Mussie # 12 august 2017 in 20:46 0
New subscriber hiiiii
Chantel Mackerness # 12 august 2017 in 20:50 0
thank you so much for this! I was wondering what Zaful was like and I was so scared to buy cause they are so cheap, so this video was very helpful! and also your eyes are amazing!!
Veronica xx # 12 august 2017 in 20:52 0
Thiiiiiccccckkkk damnnnnnn
Mellory Lopes # 12 august 2017 in 20:55 0
With cry baby I thought of the movie 'Cry-baby' with my boy Johnny Depp