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San Francisco Travel Guide -- Go or No Review | Travel Guides | How 2 Travelers

San Francisco Travel Guide -- Go or No Review | Travel Guides | How 2 Travelers watch video online

San Francisco, California Travel Guide! Learn where to explore, eat, stay & shop in Frisco with travel experts Rachel Rudwall and Andrea Feczko. San Francisco is Americas second most densely populated city behind New York, and its packed full of culture. But is it first place for travelers? - DO & SEE: Golden Gate Bridge, Cable Cars, Chinatown, Fishermans Wharf, Presidio, Palace of Fine Arts, LucasFilm, Crissy Beach, Lombard Street, Alcatraz, Ferry to Sausalito Island, Muir Woods (Redwoods) - EAT & DRINK: Picnic in the Presidio (Off the Grid), A16, Mamacita, Tipsy Pig, Chinatown - STAY: Ritz Carlton, Air Bnb - Marina, Russian Hill, Nob Hill - SHOP: Chestnut Street, Union Square - BONUS! The Giants, Dumb & Dumber, Rice-A-Roni, Criminals, Yoda, San Francisco Bay, Al Capone, Sharks, Harvey Milk, Gold Rush, Culture, Fanny Packs, Rachels Mom Subscribe to How 2 Travelers: Watch More Travel Guides: Stay Connected with Me: Instagram: Twitter: Facebook: About Andrea Feczko: Hey! Im Andrea Feczko and welcome to How 2 Travelers! This is your one-stop guide to everything you need to know about traveling. Before I got my dream job as the travel expert on ABCs Vacation Creation, I started here making YouTube videos. You may recognize me from starring in the Key of Awesome as Kesha and Taylor Swift (YouTubes #1 Music Video Parody of All Time). Travel is my passion. Im on the road 8 months out of the year, averaging 30 countries, and have made 5 of them my home. I want to show you that the world is accessible to anyone and everyone- and heres how to see it! San Francisco Travel Guide -- Go or No Review | Travel Guides | How 2 Travelers How 2 Travelers
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Jeff Rutan # 13 january 2018 in 04:02 0
people that live in San Francisco do not eat Rice-A-Roni
NENANDREARIS andrea # 13 january 2018 in 04:03 0
...are there 50$-70$ hotels or motels in san francisco?
Ryan Hostetler # 13 january 2018 in 04:08 0
Kevin C # 13 january 2018 in 04:09 0
So one chick votes "no" because she can't park right, and she didn't realize it might be expensive. Hmmmm. Did ya do your homework lady?
John Ribeiro # 13 january 2018 in 04:10 0
timothytimmons # 13 january 2018 in 04:13 0
how safe is the city? im a total newb at solo travel. wont have a car will be depending on public transportation. going in February to escape the friged cold of my hometown haha wisconsin. and after a couple of days will be taking a bus from san francisco to los angeles.
kamal khattra # 13 january 2018 in 04:14 0
I'm going in December to watch a warriors game!!
Angel Valdovinos # 13 january 2018 in 04:14 0
so LA but more compact... fuck no
tikiduck # 13 january 2018 in 04:19 0
Frisco is cool and all, but The locals in Chinatown are assholes unless you are spending money. Last time there I saw some punks actually spray paint a sleeping bum on the street. There is some creepy shit going down in those streets.
Beheh Shudhe # 13 january 2018 in 04:21 0
Al Cd # 13 january 2018 in 04:26 0
Don't visit Alcatraz. It's ridiculously overpriced and you have to book tickets far in advance of your actual visit. Now if those aren't convincing, ask yourself this: why would you pay to visit a prison?!
Visit Land's End and the Legion of Honor: it's a very nice walk with great views of the Golden Gate Bridge. The Legion is a world-class museum (its atrium has Rodin's Thinker) and regularly hosts many international exhibits.
They're right about it being a great walking city, with many neighborhoods having their own flair and culture. Parking is difficult, but not impossible; be patient and plan ahead.
Mysterio Mclaren # 13 january 2018 in 04:26 0
Are you serrious about the $750 to get your car out.
Jennifer Lyons # 13 january 2018 in 04:29 0
I was in SF 18 years ago and the traffic was bad! I can only imagine NOT getting better! Really? $700+ to get car out of tow yard? In San Diego it's only $300!!! We're going to skip SF and stay in Oakland and Napa .... thank you for this review it totally helped me make up my mind. I'd rather spend my $$$ on wine in Napa!
Truth Reigns Forever # 13 january 2018 in 04:29 0
San Francisco is one of the "WORST CITIES IN THE USA AT THE MOMENT". San Francisco is'VERY, VERY great at hiding the negativity that goes on in the city. They want to "PAINT A GLIMMERING IMAGE OF CABLE CARS AND THE GOLDEN GATE BRIDGE", while not allowing the media to portray all of the truth of what happens here. ''GOLDEN GATE PARK" has a ''TRANSIENT COMMUNITY" that actually sleep in certain corners or divisions in SLEEPING BAGS. They wind up having fights amongst their own community and bodies get pulled out of the park on a weekly basis, on average. SAN FRANCISCO has''ARMED ROBBERIES AND HOME INVASIONS" that outsiders never hear about. Women have been pummeled in "NICE NEIGHBORHOODS", robbed of their purses and I phones etc.........The police here harass the innocent, and do nothing to harass marauding thieves that patrol neighborhoods, looking for their next victims. Everything thing is backwards with the law enforcement here. Potrero Hill is the worst, they have a projects that abuts to it, and the ''STICK UP ARTISTS" drive around in nice, innocent looking sedans, wearing no hats, and trying to blend in. I was nearly robbed last night hadn't I been aware. I was taking pictures with my camera equipment, and these two in a vehicle rolled up. As I stood up and turned, the passenger looked as if he was gonna open his door to approach with his elbow about to shove the door after pulling the lever with the other hand. Please be careful in visiting this city. It's not all glimmering like the media would have you believe. I managed to get into my vehicle very quickly with my things, as I stared at them and they right back at me, as they slowly rolled. This was on 19th and Texas Street. The detectives here are the worst, the "MURDER CONVICTION RATE IS THE LOWEST" of all major cities in the country. Law enforcement here has no desire to solve or prevent crime.
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palerism; # 13 january 2018 in 04:29 0
daisy gong # 13 january 2018 in 04:31 0
Lmao when you open the lid of the tea pot, it means your done or you want a refill
arnold grimes # 13 january 2018 in 04:36 0
Dont go if your broke
Bianca Herrera # 13 january 2018 in 04:37 0
A go we get paid more in jobs that's why it's expensive in SF
Ecote Travelers # 13 january 2018 in 04:40 0
Great review and totally agree with your suggestions! We went to the following places in 24 hours:

-explored Union Square (not that great or novel)
-explored Chinatown (amazing food)
-lunch at Burma Love (unique cuisine not easily found elsewhere)
-explored the Castro and hiked up to Tank Hill (incredible views)
-hiked Mt. Sutro just beyond the Castro (picturesque hike and not super challenging)
-Dolores Park (chill place to relax and people watch after exploring all day)
-dinner at Maruya (one of the top-rated sushi restaurants in SF)
-drinks at the bar on the top floor of the Marriott (360 views of the city)

Acoustic Silk # 13 january 2018 in 04:40 0
you should review charlotte, nc