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SLUMBER Official Trailer (2017) Maggie Q Horror Movie HD

SLUMBER Official Trailer (2017) Maggie Q Horror Movie HD watch video online

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Comments (19)
Kpopmylife # 6 december 2017 in 16:06 0
jay_615 # 6 december 2017 in 16:06 0
sleep para my ass
كلشي وكلاشي # 6 december 2017 in 16:08 0
فيلم رووووعه
gading purba # 6 december 2017 in 16:13 0
a film containing weakness without the power of our Lord Jesus about movies exemplifies a life without power and trust and trust in God.
Chaos-Impact # 6 december 2017 in 16:15 0
To all who have sleep paralysis : Believe in something far stronger that is your friend (supernaturally being, GOD or anything other that can be at your side at the time of sleep). To bring this character to life use your beliefs and then you would have to call out for him.
Choosing: supernatural, being that is basically overpowered to a point that there is nothing that can stop it and so your beliefs just boosts your confidence and gives you a slight light in that dark room that nothing can panatrate.
Solomon Kane Ray # 6 december 2017 in 16:20 0
jazmin hunt # 6 december 2017 in 16:25 0
I've never had sleep paralysis :)
Stay in the Light # 6 december 2017 in 16:28 0
I watched it at night and when it is finished, I am a little bit scared to sleep hahahaha
Never Back down # 6 december 2017 in 16:33 0
“Based in real accounts” means exactly what is sounds like. It’s obviously exaggerated but some people see terrifying and demonic things when they experience sleep paralysis which is what the movie is based on.
Max # 6 december 2017 in 16:34 0
Poor acting and cheaply made, and Maggie Q will end up doing Sharknado 6 if she continues doing low budget movies
Tom Farland # 6 december 2017 in 16:38 0
1:28 it's Freddy Krueger's black cousin
Itsmeeman1 # 6 december 2017 in 16:39 0
good trailer, movie probably sucks
oner bee # 6 december 2017 in 16:40 0
فاشل مجرد اصوات ونغمه مخيفه تجعل المشاهد يعيش اجواء الفيلم
Samer K # 6 december 2017 in 16:44 0
Sun Nam Bae # 6 december 2017 in 16:44 0
Having experienced sleep paralysis several times, I can say it is extremely frightening.
Adeptus Astartes # 6 december 2017 in 16:47 0
great for my night shift oh boi
m farooq fazil # 6 december 2017 in 16:49 0
no ghost no terror full bore
m farooq fazil # 6 december 2017 in 16:50 0
this is not horror movie
Wax Doe # 6 december 2017 in 16:55 0
The witch that comes and takes your soul at night.