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THE MICK Official Trailer (HD) Fox Comedy TV Show

THE MICK Official Trailer (HD) Fox Comedy TV Show watch video online

THE MICK Official Trailer (HD) Fox Comedy TV Show THE MICK is a no-holds-barred single-camera comedy that gives new meaning to the phrase “dysfunctional family.” MACKENZIE aka “MICKEY” (Kaitlin Olson, “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia”) is a brash, two-bit hustler from Rhode Island who has spent her entire life shirking any semblance of responsibility. Lacking any drive, but in constant search of the next easy payday, Mickey is not without her charms. She’s smart, she’s fun, and despite all appearances, her head’s always in the game. She just needs a big win. That win kinda, sorta comes true when, looking for a handout, Mickey visits her estranged sister and billionaire brother-in-law in Greenwich, CT, but gets more than she bargained for, as this absurdly rich couple flees the country to escape federal fraud charges. In a surprising turn of events, Mickey must assume guardianship of their three high-maintenance and ill-parented children: SABRINA (Sofia Black D’Elia, “The Messengers,” “Gossip Girl”), an ambitious, 18-going-on-30-year-old who is a worthy adversary to Mickey; CHIP (Thomas Barbusca, “The New Normal,” “Grey’s Anatomy”), 13, an arrogant, entitled neo-con-in-the-making with an extremely punchable face; and BEN (newcomer Jack Stanton), seven, an adorably fragile nerd. The life that Mickey has wanted for so long now is within her reach – the mansion, the convertible, the swimming pool, the walk-in closet full of designer clothes. But as Mickey is well aware, nothing in life is free. The price? Transforming these outrageously spoiled children into honest, hard-working, decent members of society – something this foul-mouthed, debaucherous and completely out-of-her-element woman knows absolutely nothing about. Being a mother was never in Mickey’s game plan, but these kids desperately need a parent. And as irresponsible as Mickey has been her entire life, she may discover that responsibility and motherhood aren’t the buzzkill she always thought they would be.
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Comments (15)
Michael Alexandah Dee # 13 january 2018 in 20:00 0
This show is amazing, love it, 5 stars
Fundação Mário Soares # 13 january 2018 in 20:00 0
jake peralta # 13 january 2018 in 20:03 0
i love the show . I love Dee (don't know her real name)
Martine Toptv # 13 january 2018 in 20:05 0
This show is hilarious, I'm watching season 1....and always laughing...a must see !
dana smith # 13 january 2018 in 20:05 0
i li
B.T.G # 13 january 2018 in 20:07 0
this show is fucking hilarious ignore the hate comments
Daniel Gould # 13 january 2018 in 20:08 0
Welp, it doesn't look like my kind of show, but I'm here because One Million Moms said it was the devil and I had to see what they took issue with. From what I can tell they just don't like people. Now I know. Enjoy the show folks ^_^
SimpleSock # 13 january 2018 in 20:10 0
Why the hate for this show? I just caught an episode last night and I thought it was fantastic. Sure it's no Breaking Bad but it's not trying to be. It's pleasantly self aware, it's not trying to be something more than it is. It's an over the top comedy with a lot of laughs (and no laugh tracks, thank god.) Give it a shot if you're looking for a new light hearted comedy to watch, I think you might be surprised if you go in with an open mind.
Robert Higgins # 13 january 2018 in 20:12 0
Using an extremely insensitive term against people of Irish decent as the title of a show is beyond disgusting... I'm sure the major networks would name a show after a racial slur about other groups!!!
Anthony Escutia # 13 january 2018 in 20:15 0
Mickey you are so gooooooooood
Graham Wellington # 13 january 2018 in 20:17 0
And L. # 13 january 2018 in 20:22 0
Holy shit!! These creators just stole the hypothetical tv show Dee dreams up in Always Sunny- The Gang Saves The Day episode. Except instead of a butler she's just Dee the Bird!! 
ImThatGuyYouWishYouWere # 13 january 2018 in 20:22 0
Lol why on fox tho? A shit ton of old heads are mad for the profanity lmao, and to them I say fuck your mother bbbrrrrrppow bbbrrrrrrrrpow I strike u down like cobra!
Cody Perry # 13 january 2018 in 20:27 0
So...no more Always Sunny because of this? Dee is always fucking stuff up.
MOH-Hansy # 13 january 2018 in 20:30 0
Where did all the feminazis come from? Fucking lmao cause they are so triggered