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The Texas Chainsaw Massacre Official Trailer #1 - (2003) HD

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre Official Trailer #1 - (2003) HD watch video online

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre Movie Trailer - watch all clips click to subscribe A group of friends passing through a deserted Texas town are hunted down by demented killer with a chainsaw. TM & © Warner Bros. Ent. (2012) Cast: Eric Balfour, Andrew Bryniarski, Jonathan Tucker, Mike Vogel, Jessica Biel Director: Marcus Nispel MOVIECLIPS YouTube Channel: Join our Facebook page: Follow us on Twitter: Buy Movie: Producer: Michael Bay, Jeffrey Allard, Joe Dishner, Mike Fleiss, Andrew Form, Kim Henkel, Tobe Hooper, Pat Sandston, Guy Stodel Screenwriter: Kim Henkel, Tobe Hooper Film Description: One of the most infamous horror films of the 1970s is revisited in this remake produced by action-spectacle maven Michael Bay. In the summer of 1973, four teenagers -- Erin (Jessica Biel), Morgan (Jonathan Tucker), Kemper (Eric Balfour), and Andy (Mike Vogel) -- are driving through Texas on a road trip when they pick up a hitchhiker, Pepper (Erica Leerhsen), who is on her way to Mexico to score some dope. With Pepper adding to the party atmosphere, the other four decide to join her, but as theyre passing through a small town in Travis County, they see a bloody and distraught girl (Lauren German) wandering by the side of the road, and after stopping to help her, they realize shes been involved in something horribly traumatic. As the kids try to help the girl piece together the story of what happened, they find themselves drawn into the web of a murderous family of subnormal cannibals. Inspired -- like the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Psycho, The Silence of the Lambs, and Deranged -- by the crimes of Wisconsin multiple murderer Ed Gein, this remake of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre also features narration by John Larroquette, who narrated the original film (it was his first screen credit), as well as supporting performances by R. Lee Ermey, Andrew Prine, and Andrew Bryniarski. the texas chainsaw massacre,jessica biel,jonathan tucker,mike vogel,andrew bryniarski,eric balfour,marcus nispel,chainsaw videos,jar videos,knife videos,locker videos,sheet videos,van videos,horror,slashers and serial killers,teen screams,michael bay,andrew form,pat sandston,mike fleiss,tobe hooper,guy stodel,kim henkel,jeffrey allard,joe dishner,movie clips,movieclipsdotcom,#AMG:V+++284147,/m/044s_n,/m/0chz6j,/m/04h5x2,/m/08qrck,/m/0320jz
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Comments (16)
Ozi Arisoy # 8 november 2014 in 02:10 0
i scared
IHeartSamTsui # 8 november 2014 in 02:11 0
Looks better than the screaming girl
binghamguvara # 8 november 2014 in 02:16 0
Rated R...for Rubbish
XxCandyFlossBunnyxX # 8 november 2014 in 02:21 0
pure creepy like :/
DiamondsAreRandom # 8 november 2014 in 02:24 0
wmc121301 # 8 november 2014 in 02:26 0
Can not be true????
Domino666ism # 8 november 2014 in 02:26 0
What's the song played near the end?
ethan2209 # 8 november 2014 in 02:26 0
Song To The Siren - This Mortal Coil
Daniel Selk # 8 november 2014 in 02:29 0
You'll find Head and Shoulders in their bathroom ;P
Joe Stella # 8 november 2014 in 02:32 0
Awsome trailer but i want to see it
1987rsfeild # 8 november 2014 in 02:35 0
Considering the Texas Chainsaw Massacre is originally based off of a true story, and even that the title it self screams "Psychotic inbreeding whack jobs from the deepen heart of Texas..." I think I'll take my chances on taken any major road trips through that state. :)
swordfire1000 # 8 november 2014 in 02:36 0
this film is a shit
PTGKChrisHD # 8 november 2014 in 02:41 0
If the Original is Better then they would've never remade it in the first place Obviously, this is Better than the Original 1974 Film
Sergej Trivic # 8 november 2014 in 02:45 0
Horror movies are not really scary for me, i mean the killings and blood and music is not really scary, but what is scary is when they put "Based on the true story", that shit is scary as fuck!
theSupercasa # 8 november 2014 in 02:50 0
Peter Gabriel - Signal to Noise
isaac garcia # 8 november 2014 in 02:53 0
one of the best horror remakes EVER!