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2018 Pro Football Hall of Fame Class Announced! | 2018 NFL Honors

2018 Pro Football Hall of Fame Class Announced! | 2018 NFL Honors watch video online

Randy Moss, Brian Urlacher, Jerry Kramer, Robert Brazile, Brian Dawkins, and Ray Lewis are all members of the 2018 Pro Football Hall of Fame. Subscribe to NFL Network: NFL Network schedule: Start your free trial of NFL Game Pass: Check out our other channels: NFL NFL Films Watch NFL Now: Listen to NFL podcasts: Watch the NFL network: Download the NFL mobile app: 2016 NFL Schedule: Buy tickets to watch your favorite team: Shop NFL: Like us on Facebook: Follow us on Twitter: Follow us on Instagram:
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Comments (19)
Monarch Matador # 6 february 2018 in 16:01 0
Damn right, Brett Farve!!!
YoBoyz 23 # 6 february 2018 in 16:04 0
I was so happy of what Ray Lewis did before getting on stage
The Vanilla Godzilla # 6 february 2018 in 16:09 0
Meekoh # 6 february 2018 in 16:13 0
Felt like I was on a ride at Disneyland with that loud a$$ theme music...
then Ray Lewis comes out like he’s in the WWE.
Fugee Kue # 6 february 2018 in 16:16 0
Why didn't Kramer get in earlier
Maggie Morrissey Colts and Packers Fan # 6 february 2018 in 16:17 0
Roger goodell actually smiled at a celebration
Ravensnation#5 # 6 february 2018 in 16:19 0
Ray got the ring
T Top # 6 february 2018 in 16:22 0
this is a hell of a Hall of fame class my man Ray, TO, Moss, Brian, and Dawkins!!! damn!!!!
Jimmy Butler # 6 february 2018 in 16:26 0
Terrell Owens cried so much about being in the HOF and look at the utter disrespect. Smh!
Will Lee # 6 february 2018 in 16:31 0
Very happy for T.0 thts my Guy
William Schaeffer # 6 february 2018 in 16:36 0
i love the ray lewis dance
Airwolf85 # 6 february 2018 in 16:37 0
T.O has no business being in the Hall of Fame! He was a gifted athlete in many ways but in my book he is way overrated and was not a true player to the game. Now just to name a few other wide outs that should have joined Randy Moss....Isaac Bruce, Torry Holt, Jimmy Smith, Rod Smith, Hines Ward and Steve Tasker. It should have been one of those guys. They were true wide receivers and athletes true to the game.
Fitty Bo # 6 february 2018 in 16:40 0
Dr. Doom!
shocktrauma85 # 6 february 2018 in 16:45 0
Great to see Ray make it on the first ballot. Well deserved for the face of our franchise. Can't wait to see Reed enshrined too once he becomes eligible.
Lonzo Ball # 6 february 2018 in 16:50 0
Wtf how r they this old(one guy could barely walk) n jus entering the hof
Shadair Mitchell # 6 february 2018 in 16:53 0
I’m happy He said that about TO. Letting us know they all know he was being played
SONICE69 # 6 february 2018 in 16:58 0
Hold up hold up hold up....... is it me, or did Terrell Owens just snub this ceremony…?!? I read her wasn’t thrilled he wasn’t inducted in the past, but if that us the case- bruh, a little humility never hurts.....
Andy # 6 february 2018 in 17:02 0
Is it me or Shannon has the whitest teeth youve ever seen?
Daniel Ramones # 6 february 2018 in 17:03 0
Randy Moss well deserve it, SKOL