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Can Barcelona Win The Premier League Next Season?! | #SundayVibes

Can Barcelona Win The Premier League Next Season?! | #SundayVibes watch video online

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Comments (20)
J7E # 11 october 2017 in 20:06 0
Timothy Higgins # 11 october 2017 in 20:08 0
Who are the best players confirmed to be missing from Russia 2018? Obviously Yedlin and Ritchie
jesus gonzalez # 11 october 2017 in 20:09 0
Arsene wenger
Kumar Malangwani # 11 october 2017 in 20:10 0
As with Ronald Coeman, do the defenders make a boring team due to their only defensive style. #sundayvibes
Bahi Ali # 11 october 2017 in 20:13 0
#SundayVibes Is Manchester United an ex-great club?, as their fans called it a successful season when they finished 6th in the league and won the Europa league which is a mediocre tournament for clubs aren't good enough to play in the Champions league.
Mads Brorson # 11 october 2017 in 20:14 0
Most overrated manager is:.... Antonio Conté
Oliviben 20301 # 11 october 2017 in 20:18 0
#sundayvibes who is the best player on the bench in the Prem at the moment
Spezzer The Master # 11 october 2017 in 20:20 0
If a Premier League team was to win the UCL who would be most likely and why #SundayVibes
SG-LEGEND # 11 october 2017 in 20:22 0
Most over rated? Definitely Pep and Klopp.Klopp was good in a joke league, the bundesliga where defenses are non existant, and Pep inherited Barca at their prime..And both have yet to do anything in the premier league
Mohamed Elmi # 11 october 2017 in 20:25 0
Messi40 Goals in England?! Where's Showcross??!
kristoffer petersson # 11 october 2017 in 20:28 0
are these ppl retarded? like really? barca is the richest club in football. with highest revenue of any team. including united. this seaosn its estimated at 900 million euros thx to new shirt deal with rakuten and 166 million euros shirt sponsor with nike which united have 105 with adidas which is second highest. united had 146 million in tv rights form pl last seaosn and barca had 152 million from tv rights in laliga.
what are these idiots on about? do they actually know anything at all? barca broke record of 708 million with a low shirt deal of under 60 million with nike and only 20 million with qatar airways.
lol fucikng idiots all over premier league fangilrs is all they are.
barca has never tacticaly changed for anyone and has dominated for 12 years now.
so sush
Tygeroar # 11 october 2017 in 20:29 0
#sundayvibes Best Coach/Analyst at FD??
faustino mendoza # 11 october 2017 in 20:31 0
barca wud finish 3rd or win it and be shit in the champions league, barca plays 4 big games in spain and thats home and away to REAL and Atl Madrid. The Prem is tough games every weekend
Sbe3 # 11 october 2017 in 20:36 0
Did Patrick really say Bosz is one of the most overrated managers in Europe?? The man got Ajax to an Europa League final, something not accomplished for over 10 years and is leading Dortmund in the league with only one goal allowed and still undefeated!?!
seikiSQUAD # 11 october 2017 in 20:38 0
opinion on Ben Woodburn?
D 0 0 K i E # 11 october 2017 in 20:40 0
I just wanna know about the bartender...
The_ Beastxi # 11 october 2017 in 20:43 0
Don't forget Messi scored hatrick against man city
Logol FootballMagical # 11 october 2017 in 20:45 0
Barca will finish 2nd
Logol FootballMagical # 11 october 2017 in 20:48 0
Your video is better then W2S!
Lionel Messi_fan # 11 october 2017 in 20:49 0
Barcelona would dominate the epl