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Top Confirmed Football Transfers of January /Winter Transfers 2018 | Football World

Top Confirmed Football Transfers of January /Winter Transfers 2018 | Football World watch video online

Top Confirmed Football Transfers of January 2018/Winter Transfers 2018 | COUTINHO, SANCHEZ, AUBAMEYANG
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Footy World # 6 february 2018 in 00:02 0
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Ryan Miller # 6 february 2018 in 00:06 0
barca please bring back sanchez to make our champions league squad stronger since countinho can't play champions league this season and with sanchwz we can win champions league and all the trophy this season so now we need to sign a player who can play in champions league like ozil, arthur, sanchez or gozetska anyone of them but my choice is sanchez
Noah Weldeab # 6 february 2018 in 00:09 0
Coutinho Are Ofcourse Going To Barcelona
Jefferson Ore # 6 february 2018 in 00:11 0
Wtf is barcelona thinking. Griezmann is not worth an 80mil transfer. If they signed dembele for more than 1 hundred they're gonna have to put in a lot more for griezmann
Hekar Ashley # 6 february 2018 in 00:14 0
Good player
Amir Matar # 6 february 2018 in 00:18 0
If we sign coutinho, arthur, mina and griezmann then this is probably the best squad ever with coutinho in iniesta place arthur in place of busquets mina instead of off form pique and griezmann sexing striker with Suarez so this would be the line up
Suarez griezmann
Coutinho Messi
Alba Umtiti mina Semdo
This is probably the best squad ever unstoppable and title winning hope these signings could be landed then in that case Barca are on God mode and most of these signings are coming for sure
melwyn lobo # 6 february 2018 in 00:22 0
I hope barca get Harry Kane....we need more goals to ease pressure of Messi
Venny Sankhil # 6 february 2018 in 00:26 0
we need to bring Arthur, coutinho, gozetska n mina that will perfect signing for our team barca and if we have them in junuary we can win all the trophies this season and no team can stop our team best team in the world ever of all the time barca
Koumbel Ba # 6 february 2018 in 00:28 0
AwesomeBeast4555 # 6 february 2018 in 00:31 0
Amazing video I wouldn't of knew about all these transfers without you
Ahmed Moiz # 6 february 2018 in 00:36 0
Are u ready for MSG
Tuwaitan Gaming # 6 february 2018 in 00:40 0
Another amazing video from another amazing guy
Football Hub # 6 february 2018 in 00:45 0
Nice video mate. Keep going :)
Lalchungnungi Chungnungi # 6 february 2018 in 00:50 0
Real Madrid top5 target
Sachin Tamang # 6 february 2018 in 00:52 0